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Planet of the Apes Cheats, Codes & Guides

Planet of the Apes Cheats

  • Last Level

    Last Level 8kb68f.
    Submitted by None
  • Level Passwords

    Level password

    level 1 no code
    level 2 64n4hy
    level 3 f5bmgf
    level 4 b1skzr
    level 5 76fnhb
    level 6 p7grxk
    level 7 6b7vm#
    level 8 Qk6293
    level 9 jddutj
    level 10 046pj#
    level 11 3#9Qls
    level 12 c12kyy
    last level cbcyph
    Submitted by Ben
  • Codes

    Desert 2 1C6YPT
    Cave 0RK01D
    Jungle 1 6PC49G
    Jungle 2 JMF69J
    Medical Center 0F1BR8
    Ape City 1 LY7VRQ
    Ape City 2 2TMQ1V
    Ape City 3 V!TG14
    Beach DTRZ1L
    Mountains XZPFR0
    Underground City 1 06H91V
    Underground City 2 G!WN9Z
    Submitted by None

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