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Out of this World: 15th Anniversary Edition review

We don rose-tinted glasses and prepare for fond remembrance


  • Was great the first time
  • Beautifully created alien culture
  • Touches of genius remain


  • Incredibly hard and short
  • Not worth the cash
  • Was great the first time

Nostalgia is a dangerous thing. We remember Out of this World%26rsquo;s beautifully animated alien vistas and a cinematic and narrative edge conjured up with nary a syllable of the written or spoken word.

What we don%26rsquo;t remember, however, is the hours we must have spent as a 12-year-old screaming and shouting as the game forcedus to replay the same bastard-hard cavern jumping sequences after a cruel one-shot kill from a lumbering monkey-man guard. Games just used to be harder, and we were used to repetition back then. Whoever patented the quicksave must be rich by now%26hellip;

More Info

DescriptionThe Amiga classic Out of this World returns after 13 years with HD graphics and new sounds for your PC.
Release date:30 March 2007 (US), 30 March 2007 (UK)
Available platforms:PC
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