Available on: GBA, PS2, GameCube, DS

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  • Finishing Chapter 2

    Entry location: At the end of chapter 2
    At the end of the level, in the room with the metal gate, smash a pot to receive the laundry key. Now go back a room and open the chest. In the chest is a hook. Enter the last room through the metal door room, move the boxes following the marks, climb the second one and use the hook to climb the ladder and complete level 2.
    Submitted by Monster Cheater
  • How to Beat the Light Bulb Boss

    Go to Chapter 4:The Attic. You'll play as Jenny first. When you fight the TV, pause the game and you'll hear someone crying. After you defeat the TV, go into the next room and wait for the boss to come (after the short movie). When that big claw thing turns red, duck until she strikes and keep ducking while she strikes. When it turns blue, just move away. When the light bulbs stop spinning, don't use your marble sling shot, instead lock-on to a light bulb and destroy it. Keep doing this and you will defeat the light bulb boss.

    (If you have seen the movie Monster House, the light bulb boss will sort of look like Mr. Nebbercracker's wife.)
    Submitted by Monster House Guy

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Release date: Jul 18 2006 - GBA, PS2, GameCube, DS (US)
Available Platforms: GBA, PS2, GameCube, DS
Genre: Action
Published by: THQ
Developed by: Artificial Mind & Movement
ESRB Rating:
Everyone 10+: Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence