• GAYMER - June 23, 2013 1:17 p.m.

    I actually like the day one achievement idea. Just imagine in a few years from now when only a small percent of Xbone owners will have it, you can show this super rare achievement to all your friends. And all your friends will think you're super bad ass.
  • BladedFalcon - June 23, 2013 2:28 p.m.

    ...Or an idiot for buying a game system at an overpriced rate instead of waiting for it to get cheaper, or have more games :P
  • buddynugget - June 23, 2013 3:24 p.m.

    Its got twice as many exclusives compared to the PS4
  • zegamer - June 23, 2013 3:30 p.m.

    To be honest, most of them aren't even that good...
  • jeffrey-stoddard - June 23, 2013 5:22 p.m.

    Titanfall, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, Project Spark, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die, Crimson Dragon, LocoCycle & Below ...all looked pretty awesome to me. The only PS4 exclusives I am excited for are Killzone, Infamous & The Order. So, to be honest: I don't think you even know what you are talking about and it's funny to me that you are talking about XB1 games like you have already played them. "most of them aren't even that good" ...? Do you have a friend inside Microsoft that has given you an Xbox One and a slew of games 5 months before release?
  • BladedFalcon - June 23, 2013 6:16 p.m.

    Nope, but there are plenty of journalists and writers out there that DID get to play a lot of those games back at E3, and pretty much most of them agreed that Killer Instinct looked like a mindless button mashing fest, and that both Ryse and Crimson Dragon played like crap even without motion controls. Which is a shame, because I actually did like how Ryse looked. Of course, we'll all see once they actually get released, won't we? Also, TitanFall isn't exclusive for the Xbone, just FYI.
  • D0CCON - June 24, 2013 2:16 p.m.

    If by twice as many you mean 5 fewer.
  • GAYMER - June 23, 2013 3:43 p.m.

    If that achievement unlocks a sweet hat or something for my avatar, then it'll totally be worth it. ..... I really like dressing up my avatar (more than I'd like to admit) :D
  • BladedFalcon - June 23, 2013 4:18 p.m.

    ....Okay then, if you think a virtual hat for a virtual avatar you never really do anything meaningful with is worth spending money you could otherwise save, be my guest, I suppose...
  • avantguardian - June 24, 2013 7:50 p.m.

    c'mon dude, you know that value is arbitrary. who are you or i to dictate what is meaningful and worth spending money/time/energy on? oh, and something is only 'overpriced' to one who can't afford it ;)
  • BladedFalcon - June 24, 2013 8:20 p.m.

    No, overpriced is anything that's priced more than what it's worth. And as a rule of thumb, pretty much ANY new electronic device is overpriced on the first or two years it has come out, because well, it's the NEW thing. I do agree that there's also a very subjective angle to it, since depending on how much you like or want the product, getting it that early may very well worth it, so you're right in that sense. Anyway, what I meant is that buying any console at launch usually has several downsides to it. One is price, another is the small pool of games for the first year of the console, (which is pretty much universal for almost any system ever except perhaps SNES.) and also the fact that the first batches of consoles are much more prone of breaking or being defective. So my point basically was that IMO, getting a meaningless trophy or even a virtual doodad for your account doesn't in the least balance out all the downsides to getting a console early :P I mean, sure, if you're genuinely excited and can't wait to get a new console and pay the games it offers at launch, then I won't judge you there, getting it for the achievement or something small like that is what feels kinda silly to me, is all :P
  • avantguardian - June 24, 2013 8:52 p.m.

    i've never owned a console at launch, for some of the reasons you listed, but mostly because of the gouge to my wallet. this will be the first time i can afford them, and i'm genuinely excited to play them day one. i remember working at gamestop (used to be 'software etc') when the dreamcast came out, and holy shit did i want to take one home with me! alas, i couldn't afford it. and you know, you only live once and all that shite:)
  • BladedFalcon - June 24, 2013 9:51 p.m.

    Well, if you don't mind at all parting with money that you could otherwise save, the sure, go nuts ^^ I mean... I actually did that for the 360. It wasn't the day one launch of the US, since, y'know, I live in Mexico, and here it actually came out like 2 months later, but I actually pre-ordered it. So I do get the excitement of getting a brand new console as soon as it comes out. And i don't really regret it because I got lucky, and that same 360 lasted me more than 4 years. Also, I still lived with parents and hadn't even entered college, so I didn't really have to manage money either XD But to me, now's different because well... I need money for other stuff, specially if I want to marry and get my own home sooner than later. That, added with a pretty big backlog of games I've yet to play, and I have no reason to get a new console anytime soon... specially since there's still a LOT of cool games coming up for these current gen consoles :P
  • avantguardian - June 24, 2013 11:47 p.m.

    save?! for what?! XD
  • BladedFalcon - June 25, 2013 5:45 a.m.

    Oh... I dunno... A car, an apartment, or simply keep a saved amount in case for emergencies, such as having an accident and requiring immediate medical attention. Or simply to help, y'know, family and such. *shrugs*
  • avantguardian - June 24, 2013 8:57 p.m.

    oh, and i can guarantee you i'm not getting it for the day one achievement:)
  • PatHan-bHai - June 24, 2013 4:03 a.m.

    :D I guess that explains your username on GR :P
  • StrayGator - June 23, 2013 12:43 p.m.

    a cute, silly metagame became a cute, sillier metagame. we shall overcome.
  • Bloodstorm - June 23, 2013 11:50 a.m.

    This article reads very "I 'worked' hard for my gamerscore, and I don't want anyone to be able to get there easier." I've got 45K gamerscore, and I could care less if someone on the Xbox One could get that in a day. Meaningless metrics are meaningless. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy achievements in games that I like, but people who play ever piece of refuse that comes out because they can get a quick 1000 or 400 impress me about as much as if someone does get an achievement for watching a deodorant commercial. You wasted you time torturing yourself to play/watch something stupid to achieve some meaningless digital icon with a meaningless digital number tied to it. Make you look like a tool.
  • BladedFalcon - June 23, 2013 12:22 p.m.

    You could apply that to anything relating a hobby. You're gonna shit over all of that as well? I don't think anyone is kidding themselves regarding the fact that yeah, gamescore and trophies are ultimately useless. But it still can be satisfying to have a score that marks your commitment to a game. So far, those things have been tied mainly to playing a game and doing as best as you van with it. Giving arbitrary points for doing mundane shit like watching an add, or getting the system on day one kinda defeats the whole purpose.
  • Bloodstorm - June 23, 2013 3:54 p.m.

    Not saying I disagree, but I just mean, I could care less for those who have 'farmed' their gamer-score by playing utter garbage of games just because they want that number to get larger, just about as much as I could care less if getting gamer-score from trivial things like TV watching might cheapen that persons 'prestige' for having achieved their gamer-score by playing a bunch of shovelware to begin with.
  • BladedFalcon - June 23, 2013 4:14 p.m.

    What about those who are proud of their gamerscore because of the games they've committed to, because they liked them and wanted to get all there was for it? I agree that those that farm achievements by playing crap games they don't even enjoy is stupid. But for those of us who as earned every single achievement honestly, WHILE playing stuff they genuinely wanted to play? That IS a score to be proud of, if nothing else because it's a record of what you've stuck with since you got the console. And well, it's just, regardless, Micrososft giving achievements for non-gaming related stuff, SPECIALLY with advertisement-related things just feels like it's diluting yet another feature for the sake of shameless money making, which is what irks me about this.
  • Bloodstorm - June 23, 2013 9:28 p.m.

    I have no problem with that. I've got 45K I'm proud to have from playing games I enjoyed. Like I said, my comment was purely based on this article being written in a way that to me, seems like it's coming from the side of gamers that do anything for their gamer-score (because the article specifically states playing horrible games just for easy achievements) being threatened by new way for people to get gamer-score and possibly catch up to all their 'hard work'. That's how the article came off to me. Sure, it was also about these new achievement methods potentially cheapening the entire system, it just the perspective it seemed to come from isn't one that I share or really care for. I don't see these achievements catching on in all honesty, so I'm not really worried about it (and most of the article is pure speculation at this point).
  • BladedFalcon - June 24, 2013 8:44 a.m.

    Fair enough, and yeah, it's a lot of speculation. It's just that at first, you seemed to be berating and shitting on anyone that put any kind of value on trophies or achievements. But I now understand that you weren't, just attacking those who put SO much value behind it that they're willing to play horrible or crappy games just to farm score. That I can understand the criticism of.
  • ParagonT - June 23, 2013 1:02 p.m.

    As BladedFalcon said, that applies to almost every sort of entertainment. I could replace a few of your own words with video games and it would infer that we must all be tools for playing a game. "You wasted you(r*) time torturing yourself to play something stupid to achieve some [sort of entertainment]* with a meaningless [impact on your life]*. Make(s*) you look like a tool" Revisions= (*) Tools we are then.

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