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  • Prime 3: All Item Locations Revealed

    Go to the place in Skytown when you have to get the first part of the bomb you have to make using your ship. Near the bottom there is some Phazite, shoot the switch inside to activate the satellite system. Go to the top and go around the walls using the spiderball tracks and bomb all the bomb slots to get markers on your map for where every expansion (missile,ship missile,and E tanks) is in every part of the game, except the items that are in the Valhalla
    Submitted by Samus
  • Submitted by GamesRadar

Metroid Prime Trilogy Easter Eggs

  • Prime 3: Bumper Stickers

    Having any of these games on your Wii system memory will put a decal on your ship when you try bumper sticker bonus:

    Wii Play
    Wii Sports
    Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Super Paper Mario
    Metroid Prime 3
    Excite Truck
    Wario Ware: Smooth Moves
    Mario Party 8
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Super Smash Bros: Brawl
    Submitted by Samus
  • Secret Messages In Prime 3

    Secret Message from Iwata - When in Samus' ship, go to the radio And press, from left to right, the second symbol, the seventh symbol, the fifth symbol and then the first symbol.

    You'll be greeted by Iwata himself. Of course, this is in Japanese.

    A brief translation...
    Hello, this is Iwata from Nintendo.
    A president has to take things really seriously, even if it doesn't seem like it. It's understandable if you lose weight from stress...but I get fatter instead. Nobody thinks I'm taking it seriously.

    Secret Message from Kenji Yamamoto - When in Samus's ship, go to the radio and press, from left to right, the third symbol, the sixth symbol, the fourth symbol and then the eighth symbol.

    You will then hear a message from Mr. Yamamoto!

    Secret Message from Kensuke Tanabe - When in Samus's ship, go to the radio and press, from left to right, the first symbol, the third symbol, the eighth symbol and then the fifth symbol.

    You will then hear a message from Mr. Tanabe!

    Secret Message from Miyamoto - When in Samus's ship, go to the radio and press, from left to right, the eighth symbol, the third symbol, the fifth symbol and then the fourth symbol.

    You will then hear a message from Mr. Miyamoto!

    A rough translation:
    Ah, can you hear me? This is Miyamoto.
    All of you playing Metroid, can you hear me?
    It’s fun, isn’t it?
    I’ve also worked on many [Metroid] games, but this one is the best yet, don’t you think?
    Definitely play it all the way to the end.
    See you!

    Secret Message from Yoshio Sakamoto - When in Samus's ship, go to the radio and press, from left to right, the fourth symbol, the sixth symbol, the first symbol and then the seventh symbol.

    You will then hear a message from Mr. Sakamoto, co-creator of the Metroid Series!
    Submitted by Samus

Metroid Prime Trilogy Glitches

  • Prime 2: Glitch City!

    101 Percent Items - In GMFC Compound, your supposed to witness a cutscene and then blast a yellow crate and receive the Missile Launcher. However, right before the "invisible wall" leading to activate it, there is a boot shaped formation. By jumping onto it, you will be propelled onto the ledge above, allowing you to skip the activation of the cutscene and go straight to the Missile Launcher. After getting it and then activating the cutscene. The yellow crate will reappear with another Missile Launcher. Getting this and the remaining 99 items in the game will allow you to have 101 percent of the items at the end of the game (your Missile count doesn't go above 255).

    Broken Sonic Locks in Main Research - After you fight Dark Samus in Sanctuary Fortress and you acquire the Echo Visor, you have to go to a room called Main Research. When you go there your objective is to deactivate 3 sonic locks in the room. However, if you destroy 2 or fewer and leave the room, when you come back and destroy the remaining locks the door that's supposed to open doesn't open. The door will never open so your game is stuck with no way to progress. This helpful glitch wrecks your game.

    Floaty Jump - This glitch is found in the Chykka boss fight. When breaking the last strand off the cocoon, make sure you are in the water. If you are in the water when you break the last strand, after the cutscene, you will be on land, but when you jump you get an anti-gravity lift that lets you go incredibly far, and incredibly high. The game still thinks you are in the water so your jumps are like if you were in water. The disadvantage is, if you touch any water, the effect wears off. Apparently, you must be in dark water when a cutscene occurs to activate this, therefore, the Chykka battle is the only place to activate this.

    Jump Guardian Trick - After entering the judgment pit, don't enter the light sphere in the middle yet. Instead go around the room and jump up to a light beacon to the right of the door, and aim towards the green door across the room. Then begin firing in front of the Luminoth statue's face and, if done correctly, your shots should be stopped in midair by the jump guardian (he's invisible until the fight begins). You can shoot him as much as you like and when you start the fight he will start with that much damage! (you can't kill him before the fight begins but you can get him to the point where 1 shot kills).

    No damage when falling into a pit - In the room called "Windchamber Gateway", look for a piece of metal that links the side of the room with the Power Bomb door to the platform with an Energy Tank. Jump onto this metal and you will respawn back where you started, but you will notice that you didn't take any damage. You won't be harmed by bottomless pits.

    Note: This glitch wears off when you go to a different level, turn off the game etc.

    Skip the Dark Suit - You need to be an extremely good player to beat the game with the dark suit, but there IS a way to pass it up, as well as nearly the entire Agon Wastes segment of the game. You can move on to Torvus Bog as soon as you get your translator updated for amber holograms and acquire the space jump boots. The developers for the game put a failsafe in the Abandoned Base in Dark Aether. That is, your energy drains a lot faster in that room unless you have the dark suit. However, there is a shortcut in this room that will allow you to reach the portal within seconds of entering the room.

    Once you enter the Abandoned Base, strafe along the right side of the room. Just before the ingclaw, there are two flat rocks up against the right wall with a small crack between them. Jump in this crack to get a small vertical boost that will propel you just high enough to space jump onto the platform with the portal. From here, you can enter Torvus Bog and continue with the game.
    Submitted by Samus

Metroid Prime Trilogy Unlockables

  • Prime 3: Unlockables

    100% Ending - Collect all 100 pickups to view a secret ending clip after the game credits.

    Unlock Extended Ending - Collect at least 75% or more of suit upgrades to view an extended ending once you complete the game.

    Unlock Hyper Mode Difficulty - Beat the game and you will get Hyper Mode Difficulty
    Submitted by Samus
  • Prime 2: Unlockable Galleries and Stuff

    Boss Gallery - 100% of Logbook Scans
    Character Gallery - 60% of Logbook Scans
    Creature Gallery - 80% of Logbook Scans
    Dark Samus Ending - 100% of Items Obtained
    Promotional Gallery - 40% of Logbook Scans
    Rough Sketch Gallery - Complete game on Normal Mode
    Samus Body Suit Cinema - 75% of Items Obtained
    Storyboard Gallery - Complete game on Hard Mode
    Submitted by Amus
  • Prime 2: Hard Mode

    Hard Mode - Beat the game
    Submitted by Beat the game
  • Prime 2: Arenas and Soundtracks

    Dark Echoes Soundtrack - Complete the Game
    Darkness Soundtrack - Complete the Game
    Luminoth Soundtrack - Restore Energy to Agon Temple and talk to U-Mos
    Pipeline Arena - Restore Energy to Torvus Temple and talk to U-Mos
    Pirate Fear Soundtrack - Restore Energy to Agon Temple and talk to U-Mos
    Sanctuary Soundtrack - Restore Energy to Sanctuary Temple and talk to U-Mos
    Spires Arena - Restore Energy to Sanctuary Temple and talk to U-Mos
    Torvus Bog Soundtrack - Restore Energy to Torvus Temple and talk to U-Mos
    Submitted by Torvus
  • Prime 2: Multiplayer Levels

    Pipeline Multiplayer level - Defeat the boss on Torvus Bogs.
    Spires Multiplayer level - Defeat the boss of the Ing Hive (aka Fortress)
    Submitted by Torvus
  • Prime 1: Endings

    Ending 1 - Beat the game at less than 75 percent complete.
    Ending 2 - Beat the game at 75-99 percent Complete.
    Ending 3 - Beat the game at 100 percent Complete.
    Submitted by Shadow Samus
  • Prime 1: Unlockable Artwork

    Art Gallery 1 - Scan 50% of the logs in the game.
    Art Gallery 2 - Scan 100% of the logs.
    Art Gallery 3 - Beat the game on Hard Mode.
    Art Gallery 4 - Collect all the items in the game.
    Submitted by Shadow Samus

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