Just Cause

The grapple/harpoon tool looks like one of the game's neatest toys - was it always part of the game's design or an accidental inclusion?

It sure wasn't meant to be so prominent to begin with. But it's just so darn fun to play around with, so we added feature upon feature to it. Now the grappler is Rico's favorite tool, especially when he gets to use it with his trusty ever-spawning parachute.

Is there going to be any multiplayer on offer?

No, no multiplayer whatsoever.

Just Cause has been called 'GTA in the jungle' - is that a fair assessment and do you think it's impossible to create a free-roaming action game that isn't compared to GTA?

Comparisons always arise. In the olden days someone first invented a club made from a rock and a stick; later on someone invented the wheel. People around that time probably went: "Oh the wheel? You haven't seen that? It's pretty cool. It's like a club but it rolls on the ground and makes it easier to pull stuff."

Just Cause is one of many excellent looking original games that are on the way - do you think publishers are now more inclined to take a risk on new titles?

Hopefully! I think everyone is really psyched about new original games. Games are a means of experiencing something out of the ordinary, and everyone likes it when someone pushes the limit of what can and cannot be done.

However, we do not want to imply that sequels cannot push limits. There are plenty of examples of sequels that far surpass the original game. But it's pretty cool to get the chance to get to know new places.

Would you like to expand Just Cause into a franchise or is this strictly a one game deal?

Much is planned for Just Cause in the future.