10 movies that went from reel to real bad games

Film licensed titles have been the mainstay of developers%26rsquo; bank balances ever since the release of Some Like It Hot Pong and Gone With The Wind Invaders. It%26rsquo;s just a case of squeezing out a simple platforming game and letting the brand sell itself. But it%26rsquo;s not always so easy. Some films, no matter what, just won%26rsquo;t work as games. If only someone could tell the developers.

3 Stooges- NES

How best to represent 190 short films? Why, minigames, of course. Playing as the Depression era%26rsquo;s favorite bumbling trio, the aim is to earn cash by scooping out oysters as they open, chucking custard pies, running face first into lampposts and - for all you lucky Stooge-heads out there - poking a man in the eyes.

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