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  • Submitted by Tom Laufert

Heretic Cheats

  • Cheat Codes

    Code Description
    quicken The same as God Mode in Doom. It's the path to invinciblity
    massacre Kills everything on the level
    skel Get keys
    rambo Get full health armor, and weapons recharge
    engage Level warp. Type engage and then the number of the level you wish to warp to
    kitty This will let you walk through walls just like idclip for Doom II--just be sure to turn it off when yu want to pick up an item or activate a switch.
    cockadoodledoo We're not going to say what this one does, but you'll certainly get a laugh when you try it out.
    Submitted by None
  • Get Items

    gimme + #of item you want...
    A=Ring of Invulnerability
    C=Quartz Flask
    D=Mystic Urn
    E=Tome of Power
    G=Time Bomb
    H=Morph Ovum
    I=Wings of Wrath
    J=Chaos Device
    Submitted by mouse1013

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