HaloRadar: Halo 3's Greatest Artists

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Where we see war, they see beauty. Where we see death, they see creation. Where we see a multiplayer battlefield, they see a vast and open canvas. Where we see a gun lying on the ground, they see a stroke of paint brushed across an easel. A vehicle might be a dab of color; a respawn point could be the nose of a portrait; a soldier is suddenly an actor on a stage.

They are the artists of Halo 3. The menus and cameras of Forge are their tools and the official website of Bungie is their gallery. We've gathered some of their best work here, but it's only the beginning. If you've orchestrated pieces of your own, or are inspired to after browsing the next several pages, show us at Your creativity and innovation might just make the next HaloRadar.

Remember Mario Paint? Welcome to Master Chief Paint. Using weapons and items, plus the bird's eye view available in Forge, you can draw whatever you imagine. Your name... your Xbox Live motto... your clan symbol... a loving tribute to your favorite gaming site.

The masterpiece above came from Evlmidget25, who is a Halo 3 artist in more ways than one. If you haven't seen his famously elaborate and spectacular "suicide" videos yet, go here and here immediately.

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