Ghostbusters The Video Game

As for vehicles, details are still partially shrouded in ghostly developer-fog. One we do know about is set en route to Times Square: you ‘escort’ the Ectomobile as it wades through a barrage of ghosts, sucking the spooks into a big Ghost Trap on the back. Sounds like an on-rails Proton-aiming bit? Yep. No proper driving bits at all, sadly.

The Wii version is its own beast compared to PS3 and 360 - lovingly stylized and designed with the system’s multiplayer strengths in mind. Not only will it have all 10 or so single-player levels, from the streets of New York to the mysterious 'Lost Island,' but also a bulging grab bag of multiplayer modes and minigames. There’s no Wi-Fi planned - but the devs promise Ghostbusters is “always fun” with you and three friends.