• Vonter - February 19, 2014 2:34 p.m.

    I'll like to see a comeback of Earthworm Jim, Bomberman [adventure type game] and Mystical Ninja.
  • Jackonomics2.0 - February 19, 2014 3:11 p.m.

    Konami: Bomberwhat?HUH? What? You wanted Metal Gear Solid 5? Even though 4 ended the series? OKAY!
  • Vonter - February 19, 2014 4:21 p.m.

    "Comedy and light hearted games are too kiddy" I don't have nothing against MGS, since I like the how is both fiction and real life events. But I find disappointing almost all AAA devs points towards the same red ocean. Could be also they not know how to appeal to children and brush aside many play those mature games.
  • Jackonomics2.0 - February 19, 2014 4:54 p.m.

    Sony is a massive failure in this department save for Little Big Planet, they couldn't make knack good for shit. The thing is, when you decide to take a gameplay route, shit changed in your game, usually story heavy games just needs sufficient gameplay to work, otherwise the narrative Carries it over. When your like a dev like say Nintendo, they cant use this tactic because they have no story in their usual games and if it's generic gameplay, it's not gonna hold it over. Gamespot said it best with Super Mario 3D World "Every other AAA dev would've simply just made the entire game based on the cat suit"
  • Vonter - February 19, 2014 5:06 p.m.

    The problem I have with some story games is when you're playing the game just to get to the next bit of the story [making gameplay and afterthought or padding]. Also devs like the ones with Knack seem to be to centered into making the game pander/"simple" for kids, what they ignore is kids like to be challenged and that's why they go for these mature games ["that's what grown ups play"]. IMO Knack visually make me interested in the game, but sadly the game doesn't look enjoyable or fun, I simply don't see why they're so lazy trying to make a light hearted game appealing to everyone. And I think that's why they can't trust investing money on them. "OMG this character is showing another emotion other than angsty and pain" *takes out gun* "I can't take all that pressure" *Bang*
  • Jackonomics2.0 - February 19, 2014 5:01 p.m.

    The thing is, most people don't think a "kiddy" approach would need a good story, but there have been a lot of exceptions. Nowadays it seems to the usual devs a "kiddy" game doesn't need story and just regular gameplay, to which it's not really easy to have a game hold up with gameplay alone, except there is exceptions.
  • Vonter - February 19, 2014 5:14 p.m.

    You can, but you have to be more creative, I mean Journey is pure gameplay, no dialogue and it still engrossed someone in the game, because it was well made. Fez is more obtuse but also light in story just letting the wonder of the game immerse the player. You can appeal to both adults and kids. Just that is way harder. Is like in comment sections were it's way easier to come with a negative argument rather than a positive or constructive one. And most always go for the easy way, because you have to really care when trying to do something the hard way.
  • Frieza - February 19, 2014 2 p.m.

    I would love to see a Killer7 sequel. And I'm sure No fjord Heroes will be up on his list in do time. And as crazy as this might sound, I would love to see a Black and White 3. I still see potential in the series, even though it's been gone for a long time.
  • lionheart1986 - February 19, 2014 1:34 p.m.

    Does Alan Wake count? I wouldn't really call American Nightmare a sequel; to me it was more like a bridging the gap between Alan Wake and it's potential sequel. Now that Remedy is working on Quantum Break will we get a Alan Wake sequel after that? Or have they already moved on...I would like a follow up to Alan Wake personally.
  • BladedFalcon - February 19, 2014 1:21 p.m.

    TWEWY most definitely need and deserves a sequel. Certainly way more than Kingdom Hearts does >_> And yeeeeah... I WOULD like an Eternal Darkness Sequel, but not if Dyack's involved, that guy has earned every single bit of distrust publisher and people have for him. Maybe if the rest of the team kicked Dyack out, I'd consider it, but that seem unlikely.
  • Vonter - February 19, 2014 2:33 p.m.

    We need more RPGs in "modern" settings, aside from this and Persona it'll be nice to see more RPGS break the fantasy epic or futuristic approach. Eternal Darkness has it very very hard to equal it's predecessor. More so now that Survival Horror is relegated to smaller experiences, unless you're Shinji Mikami [but we´ll see how that one goes].
  • BladedFalcon - February 19, 2014 3:23 p.m.

    As a Nintendo enthusiast, I'm surprised you didn't mention Earthbound, an RPG set in modern settings and that has been praised by many. Eh, honestly, I don't see it that hard to make a good Eternal Darkness sequel, specially because not a lot of people have copied or done anything like the sanity mechanic. It doesn't even have to be a big budget game to work either. All you really need is think up of new ways to mess with the player using the sanity mechanic, and another good set-up like the one in the first game that spanned several ages and civilizations. There's a lot of untapped potential in both of those things.
  • Vonter - February 19, 2014 4:16 p.m.

    Oh the Mother series is like a kafkian story, Earthbound was ok, but my devotion to the series starts and ends with Mother 3 and that one was partially urban in setting. I also liked Mother 1. The problem is that series is weird, you also have a lot of fantasy and sci fi elements to it. Also does Shadowrun [SNES] wouldn't also count? Or is that more like Fallout?
  • shawksta - February 19, 2014 5:36 p.m.

    Even with scifi the series still had some sort of urban feeling. Or atleast for the most part of Earthbound where you are constantly going to different cities outside outragous places. Those games are weird as heck, i mean at one point you gotta constantly fight an officer after another, and then later you get taken to a trap by some random women.
  • Vonter - February 19, 2014 5:50 p.m.

    Random ATTRACTIVE woman. Also is it just me or they get drugged with ice cream in the coast town? Yeah I should have mentioned it but honestly is not one of my favorite games. I liked Mother 3 better. Mainly because that game has actual animation and the story is not as disjointed. I mean Earthbound is like an episodic game where each town is its own story.
  • shawksta - February 19, 2014 5:56 p.m.

    They do Then again we have to put into mind that the developer put awkward things in his life in the game. Which is why it was disjointed. Mother 3 is a sequel so no doubt its better.
  • Vonter - February 19, 2014 6:28 p.m.

    I guess,,, Mother 3 I may be a fanboy here, but I think is the best and that is very rare that the third and final chapter in a series surpasses its predecessors. I mean just look at every third game this generation, at the very least they were not bad, but they didn't reach the same levels as their previous iterations.
  • shawksta - February 19, 2014 6:57 p.m.

    I know Mother 3 is amazing you dont have to tell me twice. Tons of games out there right now dont really outstand themselves much. There are some games out there though but some lose their touch after a while without really shaking things up for the better.
  • Vonter - February 19, 2014 7:41 p.m.

    And what is that better? Some things get better, although short sighted me thinks they mainly do it in the presentation while keeping the gameplay more or less the same. I hope we see more great leaps like Arkham City was to Asylum, Mario Galaxy was to Sunshine, Bioshock was to System Shock, Dead Space was to RE 4.
  • shawksta - February 19, 2014 8:01 p.m.

    I agree, the only way to be outstanding is to do an entirely new presentational upgrade like the ones you listed. Usually its because the first game's presentation is what caught gamers the most, so even if a sequel improves the gameplay, some may still feel attached to the first game because of the first experience. Some games that have this is Bioshock, and the first Mario Galaxy. We have to put into mind that some games out there are "Second chances" to improve some mistakes or just have new ideas to the concept. Really there's a ton of ways of how a sequel can be made and for what purpose. Thats the beauty of gaming. To each their own in what they perfer but goddamn.

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