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  • taylornolfi - October 24, 2010 3:34 a.m.

    too bad there are glitches, won't be getting this until there is a game of the year/ updated version. I loved fallout 3 and im sad that the new developer made the same exact mistakes as the bethesda. With gamecrashing bugs. WHY
  • NightCrawler_358 - October 24, 2010 3:19 a.m.

    Ya, while traveling around the Mojave, it felt almost smaller and less fascinating, and for some reason less scary even though my fallout 3 character is a maxed out tank of a man. I do really like the iron sights though.
  • qwexz - October 24, 2010 1:15 a.m.

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  • ninjastrike34 - October 24, 2010 12:39 a.m.

    I forgot to mention I liked Oblivion better.
  • Spocksjock - October 24, 2010 12:31 a.m.

    I want to reach into this podcasts soul and make sweet sweet love to it.
  • ninjastrike34 - October 24, 2010 12:30 a.m.

    Should I get this or Fable 3? I've played Fable 2 and Oblivion, but I never got to playing Fallout 3.
  • GamesRadarBrettElston - October 23, 2010 11:57 p.m.

    @Void We didn't receive the game until last Friday, and the review embargo was Tuesday, meaning Tyler would have had to scream through such a huge game over the weekend AND write a detailed review in one day. It's technically possible, but a game of this stature deserves more considered time. Plus you guys deserve a thorough review, not one based on a rushed playthrough. And NO, I'm not saying that's what other outlets did, they very likely received their copies earlier. (And for my two cents, all these bugs would bother the piss out of me)
  • lovinmyps3 - October 23, 2010 11:19 p.m.

    I think I'll have to pick this up. I really enjoyed Fallout 3 and I've been looking for a new good single player experience.
  • Markstone - October 23, 2010 7:39 p.m.

    I disagree with saying FONV is worse than FO3, just because it isn't as "fresh" as its a sequel and does its job admirably, improve on the previous title and is absolutely a great game (although the crashes can be quite irritating).
  • JADENkOTOR - October 23, 2010 5:52 p.m.

    Im going to pretend that you didn't say this beats Borderlands as an action game. Have you guys gone nuts at the GR headquaters? There is no comparison with how much better Borderlands gameplay is. What makes this game good is the depth and quests, definitely not V.A.T.S. And Pandora is WAY more original and breathtaking than New Vegas even tries to be. You should go back and take a look at Krums Canyon if you disagree. Other than that Im having the same experience with this game. Very deep but there are some major issues. Overall, really good review.
  • Dorglesisthebest - October 23, 2010 4:56 p.m.

    Remember when STALKER was buggy, and everyone docked points from it for being so? Its not GR specifically but the sudden excusing of game breaking bugs seems pretty hypocritical to me.
  • fkafl - October 23, 2010 1:23 p.m.

    Waiting for a few more patches before I pick this game up. But when I do I'm definitely gonna play hardcore mode only
  • fansty909 - October 23, 2010 1:23 p.m.

    U can actually have 2 companions. One humanoid and one not human. Currently i have veronica and wrex. Veronica is amazing btw.
  • philipshaw - October 23, 2010 11:52 a.m.

    I have been playing it for 4 hours and have to agree with this review, it doesn't have the sense of newness that Fallout 3 gave me but the scripting and writing is definitely way tighter in New Vegas
  • Yaro - October 23, 2010 10:58 a.m.

    So is New Vegas to Fallout 3 what was Fallout 2 to Fallout 1? If that is so, this is an absolute must =)
  • Zeb364 - October 23, 2010 9:44 a.m.

    Great article Tyler, exactly what I think of it so far. Literally almost word for word. The only real exception is that it doesn't add the companion system, it improves it and you can actually have two companions at once (1 humanoid and 1 non-humanoid).
  • Lionhunter44 - October 23, 2010 9:10 a.m.

    This game is not better than Borderlands! how can you compare this glitchy, grind-happy, fail of a single player game. not once did i find myself enjoying this game at any point. At least in borderlands, I could have fun with some friends and actually have fun and laugh. By far a failed review.
  • AGENTJORRRG - October 23, 2010 7:59 a.m.

    @themightychickens Well, what I'm about to say is besides the point, but I didnt like any of those games (except Far Cry because I've never played it.) Imagine if there'd been game breaking glitches in the N64 or PS2 days. The Devs would've been destroyed. Releasing a game with glitches is just laziness on the Devs part and greed on the publishers part. I'm not going to excuse glitches because they'll get fixed in the future. Its unacceptable.
  • KaiokenKid - October 23, 2010 7:22 a.m.

    Ill wait for GOTY edition amybe.
  • nikrusty - October 23, 2010 7:20 a.m.

    good game, am playing the PC port. Here are real Issues with FO NV which u guys missed somehow!

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