Available on: PS2, Xbox

Combat Elite WW2 Paratroopers Cheats, Codes & Guides

Combat Elite WW2 Paratroopers Cheats

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    Entry location: Press Start to pause the game, then hold down the right trigger while entering cheats:
    B,A,X,Y - Invulnerability for player
    B,Y,A,X - Invulnerability for allies
    Left,Up,Right,Down - Max all skills
    Up,Up,Down,Down - Extra skill points
    Up,Left,B,Down - Full Ammo
    Down,Down,Up,Up - Full Health
    A,Y,Left,Left,Right - Health Limit Increased
    Down,Up,B,Right - Kill all the enemies in the level
    Left,Right,X,Y - Player gets a big gun
    Down,Down,Down,Down - Rapid fire mode
    Up,Down,Left,Right,A - Get all German weapons
    Up,Down,Left,Right,Y - Get all UK weapons
    Up,Down,Left,Right,X - Get all US weapons
    Submitted by Spoozer

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Available Platforms: PS2, Xbox