Christmas Crackers - Part One


Part One - Footwear, Flickr & Friday 13th..


For Your Consideration... The Spirit
A reader puts the case for Razzies 'Worst Picture'.


The 14 Worst Movie Trainers
Film-themed shoes you wouldn't want on your feet.


The Top 40 Movie Music Moments
Glorious meshes of sound and cine-vision.


7 Working Titles We're Glad They Didn't Go With
Because 'Annie Hall' is better than 'It Had To Be Jew'.


18 Insane Tom Cruise Moments
Couch-jumping, crotch-grabbing, water-dodging...


21 Amazing Flickr Movie Pics
Film photos, street art, mash-ups and homages.


7 Movie Teachers Who Could Fix Britain
Blighty needs help - from Mr Miyagi...


9 Extremely Cool Movie Snow Moments
From when the UK was thigh-deep in the white stuff...


The 20 Worst Screen Couples
They kissed, they missed...


The 9 Greatest Friday The 13th Slaughter Scenes
We collect Jason's coolest kills.


Have your own favourites of the year? Let us know!


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