BioShock 2 Rapture Metro Map Pack delayed

2K compensates with some brand spankin' new screenshots, a price, and other date-less deets

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Are you not entitled to download BioShock 2%26rsquo;s Rapture Metro Map Pack this week? %26ldquo;No,%26rdquo; says the man from PS3! %26ldquo;No,%26rdquo; says the man from Xbox 360! %26ldquo;That%26rsquo;s okay, we%26rsquo;re used to delays,%26rdquo; says the man from Games For Windows... In case that shoddy attempt at a humorous reference didn%26rsquo;t get the point across, the BioShock 2 DLC has been delayed on all platforms. But 2K sent us their condolences, along with some new details and a couple of screenshots.

Above: A splicer's playground

The SIX new maps will come bundled at $9.99/800 MS Points and are based on the single-player portion of the BioShock 2 (as eagle-eyed readers probably noticed from that giant Dionysis banner) and not the original BioShock.The DLC also contains a %26ldquo;Rebirth%26rdquo; feature, that%26rsquo;ll let Level 50 players revert their rank back to Level 1. Why the hell would anyone want to do that? Because you%26rsquo;ll get a special mask, dummy!

Above: Duke it out like your bobbysocks depend on it in The Fighting McDonagh's Tavern

Unforunately, a future release date wasn't passed along, so it looks like you'll just have to keep reading GR to find out... Suckers!

Apr 27, 2020


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