Are We Done Yet? review

Taking the foundations of 1948’s self-explanatory Cary Grant comedy Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House, Ice Cube’s follow-up to Are We There Yet? strips out what made that film a riot (Grant, Myrna Loy, a witty script) and leaves… Well, Mr Bland. It’s inoffensive stuff built around the typical family fluff plot of realising what’s important in life, but only comes to life when Cube’s beleagured everymutha is bothered by either wildlife or Scrubs’ John C McGinley – paycheque firmly in pocket, tongue happily in cheek and acting set to OTT as the world’s most annoying estate agent/contractor/ midwife (no, really). US audiences ate it up and there are just enough laughs to appease those whose tastes run to utterly undemanding kiddie slapstick and life lessons.

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