Alan Wake

New shots and trailer for the torch-lit thriller

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Once rumored to be a no-show at E3, Max Payne developer Remedy wowed the Microsoft press briefing audience last week with a brilliant trailer for their new psychological thriller Alan Wake. Today, we got our hands on that footage and some fresh screens for the upcoming Xbox 360 and PC drama-fest.

The story centers on Alan Wake, a troubled writer who travels to the gorgeous rural town of Bright Falls, Washington to forget his past. Beset by nightmares caused by his fianc%26eacute;e's recent disappearance, Wake finds himself catching glimpses of the dark men who haunt his dreams - during the day.

His waking nightmares get even worse at night, and darkness is Wake's worst enemy. Light becomes a precious resource and the central element of the game: it's the only weapon that holds the dark men at bay.

Click on the movies and images tabs for a double shot of drama and unprecedented atmosphere. Alan Wake ships in 2007.

May 17, 2006


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