3 things LittleBigPlanet 2 desperately needs

As cool as all the new features sound, this stuff could make the game even better

Late last week, Game Informerleaked the newsthat LittleBigPlanet is definitely a thing that exists. Today, Sony unleashed thefirst trailerfor the game, revealing that it%26rsquo;ll dwarf what the first game offered in terms of player control. The biggest additions? The ability to create artificially intelligent enemies and pilotable creatures using robotic templates called %26ldquo;Sackbots,%26rdquo; and the ability to create entirely different types of games, including racers and top-down shooters.

That%26rsquo;s all very exciting, but amid the storm of new features, there are a few small shortcomings from the first game that we%26rsquo;d like to see addressed. As impressive as the sequel already sounds, we%26rsquo;ll be even more impressed if it includes the following:


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