Zoids: Legacy Cheats

Zoids: Legacy Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by IVAN.B


    On your way to Mount town you find Mr or Dr.T on the ground and then take him to a house. Then he will ask you which type of Zoid you like best a Liger type or a Zaber Fang. Then he will give you that type of Zoid. You should chose the liger and you will get a Shield Liger because it has a stronger attack of 150 and the HP and defense is way higher too!

Zoids: Legacy Unlockables

  • GBA | Submitted by Damon Humes

    Unlock Special Zoids

    To unlock special Zoids (like Trinity Liger) beat mission mode with one side, then beat it with the other side.
    To unlock the Blade Ligers, Gustav and Giga Gogulous beat Battle Mode with Van or a Zoid from the Zoid series.
    To unlock Bit's 3 Ligers you must beat Battle Mode with someone from the Bit series