X2 - The Threat Cheats

X2 - The Threat Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by big ben

    Free money cheat

    In the second mission:
    'Pick up MiTon and his group of Boron scientists'
    Disregard MiTon's whining and complaints, before you land at the Terra Corp HQ, Dock at the equipment dock in 'Light of Home'and sell off all you can from the Argon Express, as you will have to give the ship back, the credits you get for the parts you sell will remain yours.
    Be careful when you fly back to Terra Corp HQ, in case there are any further Pirate attacks as you might not have the protection left after selling all of the Argon Express's gear.

  • PC | Submitted by Andrew Innes

    400k at start

    Get 400,000 at the start of the game. Now finish the first mission - deliver the computer parts. In mission two, collect the scientists. When you get back to the place before you contact your employer, sell the shields and guns on the ship you are flying. This gives 400k+ credits.