WWE Wrestlemania X8 Cheats

WWE Wrestlemania X8 Cheats

  • GameCube | Submitted by Jeff_Hardy_17

    Different Costumes

    To get different costumes, before you press A, hold L (or R, i dont remember) and a box with the words ALT should appear on the picture, then press A and boom! different costume

WWE Wrestlemania X8 Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Counter Your Opponent's Strikes

    You can counter your opponent's strikes by pressing the R button.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Luke Odparlik

    Standard Strikes

    You can perform standard strikes by pressing the B button.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Luke Odparlik

    Strong Strikes

    You can perform strong strikes by holding the A button.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Luke Odparlik

    Skip Entrances

    If you don't feel like watching the wrestler entrances all you have to do is press the START button.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Counter Opponent's Specials

    You can counter your opponent's special by pressing L and R together.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Chris A.K.A Spiderman

    Do The Mandable Attack

    The Mandable attack is a continuous made up move all you do is slam opponent on the ground and flip him/her on their stomach and go to their legs and grapple their legs with the A button the press it again, keep taping the button until he/she counters it. Their you go your doing the Mandable attack.

  • GameCube | Submitted by bob smith

    Rhyno: Gore Through Table

    Start a match with Rhyno and pick an opponent.
    Set the match to table style. Build up until you have your special with Rhyno. Set up a table in the corner by pressing X with a table. Throw your opponent onto it and run at him using Y and then press A+B to gore him through the table.

  • GameCube | Submitted by cecil

    Climb the Cage on Hell in A Cell

    Fight at least for 20 mins. then the ref will open the cage then press x, up to climb the cage, when someone is climbing up it press B to kick them off then TAP Y to jump on them. you'll never miss either

  • GameCube | Submitted by Undertaker

    Springboard Attack

    run towards the rope and click B and the control stick the opposite direction of the side of the rope u are running at ( u have to do this BEFORE u bounce off the rope)

  • GameCube | Submitted by kris 69

    Old School Undertaker

    Go to crate a character, next pick appearance and choose male, then go to face pick no.6 for the eye color choose white, for his hair pick no.8(keep it the color) then go to upper body and pick no.4,for lower body choose no.7. i recommend for his front grapple special to be the choke slam from hell

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Counter Your Opponent's Grapples

    You can counter your opponent's grapples by pressing the L button.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Justin

    Finishing Move

    When you have a Finishing move to do press a and b at the same time.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GAMEcuBE MAStA PLayA

    Get Extra Points For Create-A-Wrestler

    When you win a title you get ten atribute points to add to your new jobber when you defend your title you get 2 points.Do this to make your grappler the ultimate wrestler of all time!

  • GameCube | Submitted by DoubleC84

    Easy Table Matches

    This is the easiest way to win in a table match: Simply pick up the table by pressing A and Y (simultaneously) and then go to any of the turnbuckles and press A and Y again. Now, throw your opponent into the table/turnbuckle by pressing A and X. Then run and press B. Hopefully your opponent won't move out of the way, but I haven't seen that happen to me YET. You can also do this with the ladder.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Jeff Hardyzboy

    Special Moves

    To win Matches fast, Use these special moves:

    1:ChokeSlam from Hell
    2:Irish whip: Crippler Cross face
    4:Running attack: Kitchen sink

WWE Wrestlemania X8 Unlockables

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    The Hurricane Title

    Finish all of career mode with every character including the hidden ones in less than 24 hours.

    Info submitted by RobVanDam on Friday, May 31, 2002 at 18:10:35

  • GameCube | Submitted by Derek

    Vince McMahon

    Win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Derek

    Chris Benoit

    Win the WWE Undisputed Championship.

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Hidden Arenas

    Original Smackdown! Arena-Win the Undisputed Championship with The Rock
    Wrestlemania X7 Arena-In exhibition, use all arenas at least once.
    Royal Rumble 2001-Win the Royal Rumble with any superstar.

  • GameCube | Submitted by cheat master

    Get Andre the Giant

    To get andre the giant you have to win all championship belts with the big show (in less than 24 hours)then the big show will become an double option so you can be andre and big show.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Derek


    Win the WWE Light-Heavyweight Championship

  • GameCube | Submitted by Derek


    Win the WWE Hardcore Championship

  • GameCube | Submitted by Derek

    Stacy Keibler

    Win the WWE Tag Team Championships

  • GameCube | Submitted by Derek

    Ric Flair

    Win the WWE European Championship