Wrestlemania The Arcade Game Cheats

Wrestlemania The Arcade Game Cheats

  • PS1 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Invinciblty,Stop the timer,Super strenght,Weaken opponent, Combo code

    At any time of the game press the start button to pause than enter any of the following cheat codes.The screen will flash to confirm each one.

    Invincibilty= X,tringle,R2,up
    Stop the timer= X,tringle,r2,left
    Super strenght= X,tringle,L2,down
    Weaken oppoent= X,tringle,L2,right
    Cancle codes= square,o,tringle,X

    Combo code
    At the player select menu,hold the L1 and R2 buttons and press square,X,O,triangle. The word combo will appear under your wrestlers photo. Start the game and you'll find your wrestlers combo meter is always lit.,