World Series of Poker Cheats

World Series of Poker Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Win All Tournaments

    To ensure you win a tournament simply save your game any time you stack up. Save on a bad hand the hands change when loaded, or continued, so if you save with 72os you can load and come in with AA.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Dustin Hehmann

    Sense Weakness and Attack

    Your playing professional style poker players, they do not normally play very many loose hands so you have plenty of room to bluff. Don't be afraid to throw some chips out there and see what happens. A strong raise when you dont have top hand or draw usually indicates a hand. Even if they have nothing (i.e. a pair of 2's J kicker) they usually out draw you (i.e. J on the turn) I have experimented and called hands I knew I was beat on just to prove they raised immensely with nothing but will beat you out.
    Once in a while you will have a draw, even if needing runner runner, that will take the hand no doubt. Usually a player will make strong moves on the pot making it hard to call. If you have the chips to gamble with take the risk, one pay off usually makes up for a few mishaps. example of a hand would be AJ hearts, and flop comes Kc 5s 3h ~ someone will bet the K, in this case you have runner runner possibilities for a straight high or low, as well as a runner runner flush possibility, and 1 over with a face kicker. Now even tho the flop shows no signs of you hitting, your outs give you enough odds to call, and can pay off huge because the players betting will self commit, and you can re raise and usually get a call or re raise all in (last effort bluff) or a fold on a re raise all in if you dont hit, but another strong draw comes, it is very likely you can steal the pot.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Betting Pattern/All in tactics

    If you want to get the betting down, and simply dominate your opponents, Fold all wild hands, and All in every time you get 2 face cards or pockets. by playing these odds you insure that you will stack in the long run, just be careful of big stacks early on, if you gain a massive chip lead in a tournament and play top hands all in your bound to stack in the long run. Once you have a good chip count, call any reasonable bets, even with horrible cards, you never know what may flop earning yourself the right to see those hands is another key to success.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chris S.

    Save Your Progress

    If you are doing well in a tournament, save the game and exit the table. That way, if you loose all your money, you can re-start the tournament from the point you saved at with all the money you had!

World Series of Poker Unlockables

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Pro's Unlocked

    To unlock the pro's simply beat them in a tournament and you will recieve a chip that enables you to create a player and edit them to a professional player i.e. Chris Ferguson.