Will This Be The Weirdest Videogame Movie Ever Made?

The Weinstein Company has debuted a batch of images for its new video game adaptation, Clock Tower, starring Brittany Snow.

You can find them all in the gallery on this page, and we’ve got to admit they’re freakish – but in a good way.

Our favourite is the human body being used as a bell clapper. Now there’s class!

The film is currently being shot by The Hills Have Eyes II helmer Martin Weisz, and will feature elements from all the Clock Tower games, but takes its plot primarily from The Struggle Within, which sees the heroine locked in a psychiatric hospital and threatened by the curse that haunts her family.

Looking at the posters, we’ll take a guess that the curse isn’t fat ankles. Clock Tower will open next year. Wonder which poster the UK will get?

[Source: Filmz.ru ]