Weekly Replay - Every Xbox One launch title, Gamescom, and more

It's been a crazy week. Gamescom has been going on across the pond, revealing new details on the biggest games coming out later this year, and revealing important details on the next-gen consoles. This week, you can catch up on all the news, previews, reviews in our RadioRadar Podcast, watch our new Smash Bros and Star Wars Battlefront weekly shows, and get some new details on Battlefield 4. Check out all of these and more in the links below.

RadioRadar Podcast 052 - Not infinity or beyond

Upcoming Wii U games for 2013 and beyond

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Weekly - Stages

Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Weekly

Battlefield 4 - Everything you need to know from Gamescom

Xbox One launch titles - Everything confirmed for release

Total Film

The 50 Most Influential Films Of All Time

Watching District 9 With Sharlto Copley


How to make a next-gen game for PS4 and Xbox One

7 scientific breakthroughs that made your smartphone possible


Are fuel cells about to become a reality?

Top 10 PS4 pre-order details


GamesCom 2013: news, movies and analysis

GamesCom 2013: every movie in one place.


PS4 DualShock pads now available in red & blue

Sony Gamescom 2013 conference PS4 news round up - release date, games & ISP deals


Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, price, release date and specs

LG G Pad confirmed


Ryse Xbox One hands-on

Fable Legends Xbox One details

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