Wario World Cheats

Wario World Unlockables

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Selected 1: Dodge Balls

    At Greenhorn Ruins get all 8 treasures

  • GameCube | Submitted by Chris Shriver da coolest kid!!

    Earn The Best Catsle

    Find all 40 Spritelings before beating the final boss to get the best catsle .

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Trial Version 2: Heads Up

    At Horror Manor get all 8 treasures

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Selected 2: UFO Assist

    At Wonky Circus get all 8 treasures

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Selected 3: Jumpin Rope

    At Beanstalk Way get all 8 treasures

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Selected 4: Munch A Bunch

    At Pecan Sands get all 8 treasures

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Trial Version 1: Wario Whirled

    At Greenhorn Forrest get all 8 treasures

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Trial Version 4: Lickety Split

    At Mirror Mansion get all 8 treasures

  • GameCube | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Trial Version 3: Gold Digger

    At Shivering Mountains get all 8 treasures

Wario World Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by Bennie

    Battle ring weapon

    If you land or go into a battle ring, you can see that there are two statues at each end of the ring. You can pick them up and use the wild swing-ding to destroy the enemies.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Bennie

    How to defeat Mean Emcee in Mirror Manshion

    First you have to punch him until he gets into one of the cups. Be careful! If you get to close to him, he'll swing his cane around and try to hit you. When he cowardly runs into one of the cups, he'll play a little guessing game with you. Keep your eye on the cup he's in. Once the cups stop moving, punch the cup he's in. It will go up into the air and there won't be anything under the cup. Punch it again and Mean Emcee will fall out. Pick him up and either do the pildriver or the wild swing-ding to give him damage. Repeat this until you defeat him. Oh yeah, when he stupidly does his spin attack, just dodge it.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Luc Fevrier-Silberman

    How to beat Dinomighty

    To beat Dinomighty, jump on the glue globe on the tail and wait for Dinomighty to lift her tail above her head. Once you're up there, you have about a second to ground pound her head, once she falls down grab some coins and then pick her up. Push A and then R while in the air to slam Dinomighty into the ground.Do this 5 times to win!!!

    NOTE:It becomes harder to grab onto the back of the tail for every hit

  • GameCube | Submitted by Bennie

    How to beat that purple jewel

    At first he looks pretty tough don't you think? Well he's not THAT tough. Before he attacks you, you'll see him create these green diamonds which have spritlings in them. Dodge his attacks and hit those green diamonds. The spritling will be released and will ram the purple jewel. Release each and every spritling you see. Once you hit him with four spritlings, he'll get dizzy. That's the time to hit him. Do that until he's destroyed. Look at his health. There's more skulls than usual.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Charles Putnam

    Tons of Coins

    When you go down one one of those trap doors, figure out how to get the Red Crystal there will be a box too. Punch the box and coins will come out. Get all the coin and and find the escape-spring and get out, then go back in. Figure out the puzzle again then there will be 2 chests (replacing the Red Crystal.) Keep on doing this until you have as many coins as you want.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Wario

    Defeat Cpt. Skull (5th boss)

    To defeat Captain Skull, you must take advantage of the blue thingies on the ship. They act like a giant spring if you jump on them. Anyway, get close to captain Skull (it shouldn't be hard the first time) and punch him unconscious. To hurt him, I used the Piledriver. After you do this 3 times, punches won't hurt him. You have to grab one of the barrels on the ends of the ship and throw it at him. Don't worry, the springs still work when you have a barrel. If you connect with a barrel, he is out cold. Do a piledriver. Repeat this once more and you have beaten, arguably, the hardest boss in the game!!!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Bennie

    How to beat Captain Skull

    Captain Skull is pretty easy. At first you have to follow him until he stops moving. Once he stops moving keep punching him until he gets dizzy. That's the time to hit him. If you do that to him two or three times, your punches won't work anymore. At each end of the broken ship, there are barrels that you can pick up. Once he stops moving, throw the barrel at him. He'll get dizzy. Then hit him. Repeat this until you defeat him. You can see that there are springs on each part of the ship. If Captain Skull goes to the crows nest, then use the spring to reach him.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Jeff

    Beat 3rd boss 4th boss and the black jewel

    To beat red brief j or whatever his name is you wait until he charges at you dodge him and then he'll be standing right on the edge of the platform ground pound to knock him off the next time he charges he'll charge twice then three times etc soon he'll be dead

  • GameCube | Submitted by Piledrivin' Fool

    How To Beat Red Brief J

    In short, this is how to beat the cow in red underpants. First of all, none of your attacks work against this guy, SO DON'T TRY. Ok, to beat him, all u have to do is every time he does that charge move at u, dodge it like u normally would until he starts to wobble dangerously close to the edge. When he does this, do the ground pound in the middle spot which will send him into the lava, and of course hurting him. After each time u do it, he will either do a new move or charge at u more times before he starts to wobble at the edge. And after five times of sending him in into the lava, then that's the end of Red Brief J. If u want to learn how to dodge his moves read on.

    The Mad Cow Charge (when he tries to plow into u)- Run around, jump, i dunno, just don't get hit.
    Spinning Beef (When he spins around trying to kick u)- Run away, jump away, i don't care
    The Cow That Jumped Over The-- ok that's just stupid. (When he jumps up and slams into the center, sending lava through the holes of the arena)- stay in the middle, just stay there until the move is over

  • GameCube | Submitted by Charles Putnam

    How To Beat The First And Second Mini-Boss

    To beat the first mini-boss you just have to punch him, then once he's KO'd throw him off the edge. You'll have to do this 3 times to win. But when he attacks he'll get faster for each time you throw him off.
    The second mini-boss is a little bit harder, but that much harder. He'll have 5 lives. Again, all you have to do is punch him, but you have to be quick because if you get close to him he'll take out some huge razor blades. he'll also spit spike-balls at you and he'll dive under the sand time after time. When the quick-sand sucks in quicker, just stand in one of the corners. But don't get sucked in by the quick-sand. I don't know what happens when you're sucked in by the quick sand but it must take away some damage.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Glenn

    How to defeat the 2nd boss

    Ok to deafeat the 2nd boss (Dual dragons) do these things:
    1 punch 1 of the dragon heads alot.
    2 make sure the other 1 blows fire at the other head (while knocked out.)
    3 LOOK OUT FOR GLUE GLOBS (or else a dragon head will suck em up with ya and spit ya out)
    do this 4 more times to beat the dude

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mario Man

    How to beat the first boss.

    Once you beat the first two levels go to the boss stage were you will be fighting a huge dinosaur. At each end there is a pillar. take it and swing it around and go by him. Then he will get his toe stubbed and will be bouncing on one foot. He will hop right into the lava and it will take away some of his health. Keep on repeating that until when there are the little birdies going around his head. Now you can pick him up. Do any move and let him go and he will be Ko.

  • GameCube | Submitted by John Peitie

    Get Double Swords

    First find all red crystals, then go find all the treasures, and all the spritelings. (you don't need all the gold pieces) Go to the mirror mansion and at the first spot when you use the mirror to see yourself, there will be a multi-colored button to press. Hit it using a ground pound and a multi-colored trapdoor will appear in the middle of the courtyard, go in and find the swords in the maze guarded by Mario and Luigi. P.S. (they are great, and fun to use, good luck

  • GameCube | Submitted by Snit

    How to Beat the Spider Guy

    At the end of Beanstalk Way, there is a spider boss. Here are his really, really stupid attacks. When he jumps, jump over the shockwave (As the battle progresses, he'll jump twice). When he charge up a blue thingy in his mouth, run away from the orb he emits. He'll then shoot out 5 glue globes. Grab onto one. When he pulls the globe towards himself, jump and smash the X on his back. As the battle progresses, you may have to jump to another globe when he tries to suck you in because he'll do it too fast. Once he's KO'ed, pick him up, carry him to the edge of the platform and piledrive him. Do this 5 times and he'll die.

  • GameCube | Submitted by eric

    Defeating the Vampire Thingies

    In the mirror mansion level there r vampires in straight jackets. 1st time u beat it it will come back with no jacket on so u have 2 beat it again

  • GameCube | Submitted by Mr.Greedy

    Unlimited Coins

    1. kill the enemies in your section then beat up enemies in another section know go back to
    the section you beat the first batch up and fight them collect the coins like you should do when you see any coin know keep repeating the process until you have all the coins you want.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Wario Himself

    Infinity Big Coins

    Go to the First Boss (The Dragon) and you will see she has one of those balls that you can grab on to on her tail, jump on to it and when he raises you above her head do the A+R move and it will knock alot of coins out of her the use the Z or L move to suck up all the coins. You can do this over and over and it doesn't hurt her.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Piledrivin' Fool

    How To Beat The Two Headed Dragon

    To beat this boss, what u have to do is this.
    First of all, whatever u do don't touch the spiky balls at the end of the tails, it is not a glue ball (the ball things u can stick to) My friend told me to do it when i was fighting it and well, Wario won't like it. Anyway, when the thing isn't breathing fire or sucking in the glue balls it's buddy spat out (Yuck) attack one of the heads, which, i don't care, with the Corkscrew Conk [R+A] or the charge move, (but im not 100% sure if the charge move works) until the head is unconscious, and then when its friend breathes fire, it won't be ready to duck, and well, just make a guess at what'll happen. Repeat this process 5 times and that dragon is gone.

    NOTE- be careful after each time u hit it because it'll spit more glue balls each time which might either send u into the water (which will hurt u) or suck u in and spit u out. (which will also hurt u)