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    Submitted by Lee Beng Hai

Voodoo Vince Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Ruby

    Get rid of the monsters

    The way to clear the monsters on the first part of the third floor is to note that there are candles and torches nearby, not too far from the monster hatching eggs that happen to be sitting next to TNT.
    Light yourself on fire and get to those crates as quickly as you can in order to explode the eggs as you go.
    At the end of the hallway after you have cleared the monsters, you will see a circle of floating chairs around a table and a door across the room... this is all suspended in the air above a pit of death.
    The way to get out of this level into the next part is tricky, but possible.
    There's a button in the floor that is depressed every time you run across it to jump to the chairs... it opens the door across the room on a timer.
    If you take a running jump to a chair it will set the timer, jump from the first chair to the table, to the next chair and quick as you can jump to the platform with the door using your spin move AND float move.
    You should just barely zip under the door.
    In the next room you will have to jump from garbage to garbage in the flooded bathroom in order to get to the trophy room.
    (I kind of just focused on getting through the room, but I think there may be more to it on the left side near the leaky pipes...might be worth checking out if you're brave)

  • Xbox | Submitted by Trustno1202

    Defeat Two-Headed Gator

    The Gator circles the room, allowing you enough time to jump on the moving platforms on the sides of the room reach either side BUT make sure the Gator is on the same side as you waiting. Jump onto the Gator's back, which will bounce you up to the circular platform above the arena . Pull the lever and jump in the pit of spikes. Repeat the process two more times and the Gator will be defeated.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Ruby

    Busy Butler

    Each button on the floor of the manor has a roman numeral. The numeral corresponds with a floor. Once you have rotated the first floor a few times you'll see a bell in one of the now open alcoves. Grab the bell and rotate the floor again until you open two more alcoves with empty chairs in them. One of them has two bells hanging on the wall and an empty spot for your bell. Jump on that chair and press X to hang the bell.
    Then go to the other chair and pull the string to summon the Butler.
    He will appear (As a ghost) and wander into a portal that leads you to a room that you can't cross without his help.
    You must follow him closely across that room being careful to stay on the blue mist that is trailing behind him, sometimes you may have to hop from one trail to another in order to keep up as the mist evaporates quickly.
    This will eventually lead you to a room with a doll who will instruct you to go upstairs and kill all the monsters for her.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Ruby

    Unwanted Guests (more)

    So when you finally get into the trophy room, you'll hear that it takes more strategy to destroy these monster hatching eggs. What you do is go to the back of the room where you'll see a shelf or mantle of some type with a lever above it that says BAIT. Get up there by getting next to it between it and the outcropping of the wall...you'll have to jump alot against the wall to somehow get up on the mantle.
    When you get up there, pull the lever, grab the bundle of TNT that falls down, and place it snugly against one of the eggs.
    Load yourself into an opposing crossbow, and aim quite a bit higher than the torch in front of it. This should shoot you directly through the torch, lighting you on fire, and you should land not too far from your bundle of dynamite, exploding the egg next to it.
    Repeat this until all eggs are gone.
    ALSO- if you don't want to have to double back through the bathroom and the floating chairs and all, you should try really hard to get into that portal above the chained up door. It takes a bit of work, but it's do-able, you just have to jump quite a bit on the left side of the door frame, up the wall and onto the top of the door, then jump to the platform that has the portal. Saves alot of stress if you can manage it.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Ruby

    Cemetery Lights

    I kill all the imps in the level before I bother with the lights, it saves me the trouble of having to fight them while holding a net full of fireflies.
    What you want to do is find the net which is on a grassy area (full of moles) on the right side of the scene. Then go to an area with fireflies and fill the net, run to the statue of the woman with the empty lamp and fill it up by pressing X. This is on a timer, so hurry next to the blueish torch beacons on the tops of the catacombs. All you have to do is aim them all at the big bell on top of the main catacomb in order to open the portal there. The statue's time does tend to run out, but as long as all the torches are pointed at that bell when you relight her, it's all good.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Ruby

    Rotating Floorplan

    There are three buttons in the floor of the Tumbler Room . They have roman numerals on them corresponding with the floor they rotate.Stepping on them rotates the floor. In certain combinations you can enter all three levels.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Some Guy

    Defeat the gas cans

    First you got to get on fire and don't worry this wont hurt you- then go near the gascans=boom. they are still half alive so you pick up the gas and gas up the steamroller and run them over- this will open the portal to the next level.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Tiny Bubbles

    Stop Climbing the Clock Tower!

    Climb to the top of the clock tower first, you will pick up skull pages and an apple. Before you set the time (don't set it for 8:00 PM exactly if you are going to the costume party, they close exactly at 8:00 PM) pick up the apple on the ledge. Jump down, drop the apple near the statue, pick up the mask, and go to the costume party. When you come out with cash, you need to reset the clock for the pawn shop to open. I leave the cash near the pawn shop. Then, go to the apple, pick it up and feed it to the horse. Now, when you jump up on to the small pillar and press X, the horse will kick you up to the top of the clock tower. Much faster to reset the clock, get bags of voodoo dust, and collect other stuff from "up there."

  • Xbox | Submitted by justin

    Defeat T-rex bones

    Defeat T-rex bones

  • Xbox | Submitted by aaron

    Find everything

    Once you get the all seeing eye go back through the levels and use it to get all the stuff u might have missed. like pots, hearts, voodoo powers, etc.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Crypt City Lights

    When you get to the firefly part in crypt city use the net to capture the fireflies then go to the middle of the city and put the fireflies in the cage. you are timed on the next part so hurry to the lights on the buildings and aim them all on the big bell there are 3 lights so hurry then the doors open to battle the boss.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    More Beads!!!

    To get more beads( the little things that pop out of monsters after you defeat them) Punch them (x button) then beads will pop out. And here's what the amount of beads pop out:
    There's a blue one that gives %75.But you only get it in The Central arena. Then go to The Main Tunnel. Hit one of those things that tumble & explode if they run into something. Hit them twice & you'll get a blue one plus a gold & a couple of red & purple. Also look for one tumbler exploder that's green.

  • Xbox | Submitted by man

    Getting in the museum

    On "The square" level talk to the Jazz man (in front of the museum) he will ask you if you have a trumpet. cause you don't you'll have to buy one. First climb the clock tower and jump on the plat form and change the time to 8:00 PM , jump off. in the back alley is a bird mask thing in the top corner there's a costume party go in the door and Vince will come out with money go to the clock and change the time to 8:00AM. now go to the pawn shop now change the clock to 11:00PM and go to the jazz club with your trumpet. Now go to the jazz man talk to him and hell let you in.

  • Xbox | Submitted by jesse johnson

    Defeat Hurricain Hanna

    To defeat Hurricain Hanna, you first need to turn on all three fan boats while dodging the stuff she throws at you, then you must run to the windmill and press X. You have to continue this three times total, but each time you do it, she will through more stuff art you and the time limit to get to the windmill and use it is shortened.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Aaron Grieger

    How To Beat Finger's Land O' Rides

    When you get here go to the house of awfully scary stuff and go through shooting all enemies that come at you when you get to the end a generator that turns on the lights which Vince says when your out. Next take the use the cannon nearby to get to the House of Mirrors go in and everyone and awhile bugs will come out of the mirrors you don't have to but if you need health or beads then I would. I would use the all seeing eye here when you use it look for a vodoo power and find it when you get to it you get the vodoo power lightning and in the next room is a boss fight. This boss is a bigger and meaner mirror image of Vince he will send out enemies you some times don't have to use a vodoo power but the last two waves I would trust me I've beaten this game twice and I can't beat it without vodoo powers when you fight him he will fire green rings you can jump over when he is done with that he will lose the green aura around him when this happens attack do that 3 times pull the lever that was behind the mirror and that will turn on the generator that turns on the rides when this happens you will go out. When out jump on the Chinese food ride of doom and jump on the cliff with the outpost next jump on the outpost roof and jump, do a spin move, and hover to the couch ride of chaos then when you go around jump on the broken cat ride of catastrophe and jump off and head to the Ferris wheel when at the top jump off and swing over to the other ride jump on and off onto the huge sub sandwich then on the swirling cans then onto the motorcycle pad and ride in the tent and you will get to the level Bumper
    Car Bumpoff where you meet Kosmo and beat the Kosmobot.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Beat the Kosmobot & Beat the Game

    You drive the bumper car & go over the red button [the thing by the target board]& you hit the thing in front of it in the middle to hit the target. NOTE: your speed diameter must have the line in the middle of the red&yellow or on the red to hit the target. Do this to all the targets. them go up ride the rail car to the jump &you jump off & land on the part sticking out of the Kosmobot .Use the swing pin to hit the globerys. Watch out for the smashing thing hand land on the part to land on. Go though the maze &then jump the rotating platforms & land on the part to land on. Use the swing pin & ride the rocket plane & shoot in to the mouth 3x& an entrance appears fly into it . Then get up to the parts to get smashed [There are 3 of them]. there are gears when you stand on them the one this your not on spins .So when you are at the brain jump on it you will get to use a VooDoo Power Use it to kill the brain & you beat the game

  • Xbox | Submitted by Ruby

    Brusque Manor

    just go to the left, into the shed, grab the record. Take the record to the right to the record player, play it and run to the door. The dog will run to the record player and start barking, but by then you'll be in. If you take your time however, you might notice that there is an extra life in the dog house near the shed.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Ruby

    Big Fat Lady

    In the portal the boss is an animated fat lady statue who stomps and bellows. You will be riding a rat like a rodeo cowboy and running in circles around the outside of the area... when she bellows a wave of turbulence and rocks will radiate out towards you. JUMP. After that rocks will fall from above...you are trying to get hit by those rocks, and the best way to do that is to slow down when you see their shadows approaching, and try to be in one. You can wedge yourself against things in your way in order to try and stay in one place. There's a barrel, and a few rocks laying near to eachother, and the rocks always fall in the same place, near those things.
    It gets tougher after the first series of rocks falls, because the floor starts to fall away and look like swiss cheese. You now have to jump over holes AND avoid her bellowing, AND get hit by rocks.
    When she's dead, you can find the purple voodoo where she was standing, and an extra life, and then climb the wreckage of her body against one wall to the next portal.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Hollowman

    Beat Huge Dolly

    To beat Dolly you have to find the three switches and follow there picture of the spot then you have to run to the spot they showed and stand on the spot with Vince's picture on it. Then eventually two trains will come and crash into you and it will hurt dolly.

Voodoo Vince Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Hollowman

    Get Speed Boat

    To get the speed boat you have to get to the level called Crawdad Jimmy's. Then you have to go up to him and talk to him and after you get your missions he will let you use his speed boat.
    (you can drive the speedboat for as long as you want but only in certain areas) Have Fun!

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Infinite Lives

    After pausing the game press X, R, L, A, A, X, Y, White, B, L, R, Black, Up, Up, Down, Left, Right.