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Vietcong Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Assassain

    How To Fly

    To fly if you are on the Viet Cong team you have to crawl up to the top of helicopter and crawl off to the right. You should then fall through the ground instantly. You will have to press CTRL as soon as you fall through the ground (or else you'll keep falling and it will take for ever to get back up). Once you've stopped falling press SPACE BAR. You should keep going up and through the ground,then you have to press CTRL again to stop going up and voila your flying.

    The controls of flying are hard to master. So it will be awhile for you to master them.
    To go up press SPACE BAR, but be careful once you go up you can't stop. To stop press CTRL,but once you've pressed CTLR you keep going down to you hit the ground. The way i do it is hold CTRL until i get to the place i want to go then let go.

    P.S. This cheat won't work if you've set the controls different from default (the way the controls were when you got the game).

  • PC | Submitted by Excelsior

    Early M-16s

    There are several ways to obtain an M-16 early in the game before they actually become available. The first way is during the first Bahnar Tribe mission take a shotgun from one of the villager guards and shoot a gunner in the helicopter. He will drop an M-16. During the Midnight Surprise mission go to the soldier who was blasted by a mortar round and if this glitch works he will have dropped an M-16 also although he's not supposed to. The last way is that since you lose your M-16 in the tunnels, on the Papa Oscar Whiskey mission, don't equip yourself with a rifle and by default they will give you an M-16.

  • PC | Submitted by Postal Dude

    Cool Hints

    If you are playing Vietcong multiplayer then choose Halong Port as your destination. Once you are in the game go into the room with the three tables. (You have to walk through it to get to the top of the tower!) It has a tipped over chair in it. Now go to the last table with the blue book on it and lie down. Crawl under it and you will start falling. Now you can shoot them from the bottom and the wont be able to see you nevertheless shoot you!

    Are you sick of the normal Vietcong death match, capture the flag ect? Then select Halong Port. Once you are in it go to the back of the house where the pieces of wood are lying on the ground. Look at the window and take your knife out. The other person must take their hand gun out. Now stab a one of the pieces of glass to make an 'X' in it. Now the other person must shoot one of the pieces of glass to make a '0'! And whaddya know? You can play naughts and crosses!

    If naughts and crosses isn't your game then play a game of hide and seek or even tag. You can also go to the end of the pier (where the sniper rifle is) and take races to those metal boxes! You can even invent your own games. For brutal fun you can throw a bomb into the shack by the beach and the boats. Throw a bomb by on the far end side to start a fire and you and your buddy run and leap into it! Now run like hell to the water so you don't burn to death. The one who fries and dies is the LOSER!

    Also in Halong Port if you get the sniper rifle at the end of the peir and aim it at some of those boats in the sea you might come across a CRUISE BOAT! Hundreds of years ago? Big mistake in the game!

    For more fun at Halong Port you can jump onto the box next to the bush in front of the crane. Now the person choosing if they want to be Vietcong or U.S can see you! Do a little show for them.

    For a 'bloody' secret room go to the top of the tower and jump onto the box with the two bombs on it. Now crouch and crawl over the others onto the tin roof. You should see a little window in it. Run into the window to land in a room covered in blood with a cool gun!

    If you get a long gun such as a shotgun then you can stick it through windows and shoot the person without them even knowing where you are!

    There's a glitch in the game that you can stick weapons and yourself through things such as the person will see your gun sticking out the wall.

Vietcong Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Various Cheats

    During gameplay press ~ to bring up the console then enter a code below:

    GIFTFROMPTERODON Cheats Enabled (Turn this on first!!!)
    CHTHEAL Max out Health
    CHTHEALTEAM Max health for team
    CHTWEAP # Get Weapon # (0-30)
    CHTAMMO Max out Ammo
    CHTGRENADES Get Grenades
    CHTALLQF Quickfights enabled
    CHT3PV (0/1) Different View
    SHOWFPS (0/1) Framerate
    SHOWPROF (0/1) Stats on/off
    CHTCANNIBALS Enemies have masks
    CHTKOSTEJ Enemies don't do damage