USAF Cheats

USAF Hints

  • PC | Submitted by PBB

    Safe mode

    When you are flying a mission just press Shift+s

  • PC | Submitted by Top Gun Master

    Easy Pass on Stealth Training

    If you are getting tied up with all the AAA and SAM's and flying at 50 AGL trying to get to waypoint three, just make it aesy on yourself and follow these easy steps:

    1. Takeoff (reach a groundspeed of 250 before takeing off so you will have more airspeed, the F-117A is normally slow and hard to fly)

    2. Switch waypoints until the waypoint karot on the top of the hud has a "T" instead of a number. I suggest flying low, not as low as 50 AGL but around 500 AGL.

    3. Fly straight to that waypoint, designate your target, and drop your bombs on the target.

    4. Once you bomb the SCUD launcher, Get about as low as 500 AGL, and switch your waypoint to the one after the target.

    Note: When you bomb the target, about three SAM's get fired, if you saved your chaff and flares, you can use it all on these SAM's. Also, you should keep your ECM jammer on throughout the whole mission, it will "spoof" the SAM and AAA's radars.

  • PC | Submitted by Top Gun Master

    SAM Evasion Techniques

    There are two types of missiles that you have to avoid in this game, Air to Air missiles and Surface to Air Missiles (SAM's). To get both missiles off you, you have to have your ECM on. It is not required, but it helps. For Air to Air Missiles, cut your heat signature by closing throttle and letting off flares. For the SAM's, turn into it, then jettison chaff. and Remember, SAM's=chaff and
    Air to Air Missles=Flares/idle thrust.

USAF Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Andrew Trujillo

    Unlock all cheats

    To unlock all the cheats, simply go to "preferences", then click on "gameplay".
    After this, look for the word "cheats" on the right hand side, click on it and you will be able to ENABLE or DISABLE cheats