Untold Legends The Warriors Code

We're not sure how untold those legends can really be: this is the follow-up to PSP launch title Untold Legends, itself related to a whole family of top-down RPGs based on Champions of Norrath and the Baldur's Gate series.

Despite the many upgrades appearing in Warrior's Code, it still feels familiar. Still, if it means more good stuff, who are we to complain? If we had to come up with an 11th commandment, it would be, "Thou shalt give us more good stuff."

The combat's a little more complex now, meaning that as well as simple to-and-fro hacking and slashing, there's opportunities for well-timed critical hits, as well as blocking and moves that can knock opponents back a fair few feet.

Visuals have obviously been polished: even in the opening stage, there's a dizzying collection of metal pipes that stretch off into the depths in the pit beneath your feet.

A boss battle has a giant monster clambering up and down these pipes like some shoot 'em up boss bast, instead of just standing still in a room and flinging fireballs.

Warrior's Code is set to be yet another likeable exploit of PSP's graphics bicep. Add in character types that are more interesting than your typical D&D line-up, and we're looking forward to getting stuck in to the Untold Legends world all over again.