Unreal II: The Awakening Cheats

Unreal II: The Awakening Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Konfusion

    Great vantage point

    In the sirocco level you may notice those large land formations that seem impossible to leap on top of... they aren't... all you need to do it a be a gunner, plant a mine about 7-10 car's lengths away from the desired rock... than just run over the mine.. and jump at the same time.. this will send you hurling into the air...make small adjustments in the air to land safely on a plateau... than lock on and let er' rip

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    More passengers on Vehicle

    You can do this on any level with a vehicle. Don't you hate it when others leave you behind on a vehicle that can only hold 2 or 3 passengers...well, I found out that you can jump on top of the vehicle and squat down like anywhere on top and you won't fall off. You can you your weapon to shoot others while riding too. There's no such thing as a "full Load".

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Sniper Rifle Zoom

    Press L to zoom and click the right analog stick to zoom even more

  • PC | Submitted by cart

    Various Cheats

    During gameplay press ~ to open the game console give in
    one of the following commands

    Cheat commands

    BeMyMonkey() - Cheat Mode THIS CODE MUST BE DONE 1st

    God() - Toggle God Mode
    Invisible() - Toggle Invisibility
    Loaded() - Get all weapons
    AllAmmo() - Give player ammo for all weapons
    GodEx(X) - Toggle God Mode for the given actor
    Phoenix() - Toggle Phoenix Powersuit
    FearMe() - Enemy now fears you
    Ghost() - Ghost Mode
    Fly() - Fly Mode
    Amphibious() - Underwater mode
    Walk() - Normal, walking mode
    SloMo(#) - Game Slomotion
    SetJumpZ(#) - Set jump height
    ToggleInfiniteAmmo() - Toggle Infinite Ammo
    ToggleReloads() - Toggle Reloads
    ToggleInvisibility() - Toggle Invisibility
    Teleport() - Teleport to the spot the player is looking at
    NextLevel() - Skip to next level
    Open(x) - Open Map x
    ToggleSpeed() - Double speed
    SetSpeed(#) - Set player speed
    ChangeSize(#) - Change Players Size
    TogglePawnInvulnerability(P) - Toggle god mode on given pawn
    Goodies(#, #) - Summon an array of goodies
    Sum(x) - Summon Item X
    Actors() - Full actor list
    GotoActor(Name) - Change Location to the given Actor
    Damage(#, Target) - Damage given target by the specified amount
    DamageNPCs(#) - Damage NPC's by the given amount
    SetHealth(#, Target) - Set health to the given amount for target
    SetMyHealth(#) - Set player health to the given amount
    HurtMe(#) - Hurt the player by the specified amount
    ManCannon(#) - Gives all visible pawns damage
    ToggleServos() - Toggle Animation Servos
    ShowTeams() - Show player teams
    Difficulty(#) - Change game difficulty
    CheatView(x) - See what actor x's view is
    ViewSelf() - Target Camera on player
    ToggleTimeDemo() - Enable time demo
    ToggleScoreBoard() - Toggle Score board
    EnableFreeOrders(0/1) - Toggle Free Orders
    BehindView() - Toggle Behind View
    SetParticleDensity(#) - Set Particle Density
    ToggleImpacts() - Toggle Impacts
    SetWeaponTick(0/1) - Toggle Weapon tick code
    SetWeaponFire(0/1) - Toggle Weapon firing
    ToggleShowAll() - Show all hidden actors
    ToggleShowKPs() - Show all keypoints
    ToggleShowNPs() - Show all nagivation points
    ToggleRMode() - Toggle RMode
    SetEyeHeigth() - Set player eye height
    KillActor(x) - Kill actor X
    KillHitActor() - Kill actor under crosshair
    KillHitNPC() - Kill NPC under crosshair
    KillActiveNPCS() - Kill all active NPCS
    KillDormantnPCS() - Kill all dormant NPCS
    GibAllNPCS() - Gib all NPCs
    GibHitNPC() - Gib the NPC under the crosshair
    PO() - Toggle players only
    ToggleFreezeView() - Toggle Freeze View
    ToggleHUD() - Toggle HUD
    SetCameraDist(#) - Set camera distance
    FreeCamera(0/1) - Toggle free camera movement

    SetFlash(#) - ??
    SetFogR(#) - ??
    SetFogG(#) - ??
    SetFogB(#) - ??
    ShowViewLine() - ??
    SetFOV(#) - ??
    ToggleFOV(#) - ??

Unreal II: The Awakening Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by David

    How To Kill The Queen And The Caretaker Fast

    Ok for all you people who use Co-Op to beat games this is for it. ( Can also be used on 1 Player for spider queen )
    For the spider queen when you first go in, get one person ( on Co-Op ) to go down on the ground. Then the Queen should come out. When you first jump off the ledge you come from there should be another ledge below it connected too pipes leading to the first ledge, the person going down will activate the Queen to come in then quickly turn around and jump onto the 2nd ledge ( Might take awhile but it works ) then the Queen will be trying to get you from the 2nd ledge. The person on the 2nd ledge shouldn't fire yet, get the person on the first ledge to fire and distract the Queen then the person on the 2nd ledge will jump down, ( If your out of ammo there should be some ammo lying on the ground ) make sure the guy that's up on the 1st ledge has the Queens full attention before doing this. Get the guy on the ground floor to get the grenade launcher out, use the incendiary grenades or the flamethrower too set the queen on fire which should quickly kill her faster than you both jumping down and trying.
    The Caretaker
    This is on Co-Op only, First attack the caretaker with the Laser until he splits in half, that's half the job, get one of the players to kill the head while avoiding its guns ( Very deadly ) mainly hide behind pillars while its firing. Get the other player to attack the body so it cant regenerate which then kills the caretaker fast than you both attacking one of the body parts at a time.