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The Walking Dead hits retail December 11

Telltale Games' The Walking Dead will hit retail on December 11 in North America. The disc collection for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 compiles all five episodes of the critically acclaimed adventure series into one package for $30.

Originally slated to land December 4, we can only assume the release was pushed back a week because some jerks stole all the copies out of a station wagon abandoned in the woods. True Deadheads (that's what that means, right?) can drop $70 on a limited Collector's Edition bundle for PS3 and Xbox 360 exclusively from GameStop, which includes the game and a collection of the first 48 issues of The Walking Dead comic by Robert Kirkman.

Telltale plans to announce retail releases for the series outside of North America soon. If you somehow haven't played through the gut-wrenching series but don't want more packaging cluttering up your safehouse, you could always download it for $25 on Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, or iOS.

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