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Doctor Who Christmas Special trailer has Manhattan, a superhero, and brain-swapping aliens

A new teaser tells us what to expect from this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special; a flying superhero, brain-swapping aliens, and Matt Lucas reprising his role as Nardole. 

The episode - entitled The Return Of Doctor Mysterio - sees The Doctor travel to Manhattan, New York, where he meets up with masked vigilante, The Ghost, and investigator Lucy Fletcher. 

While the brief trailer doesn’t give much away, the trailer hints that a suit-touting executive's promise to “open your minds” may not be wholly innocuous.

Doctor Who writer and showrunner Steven Moffat - who has confirmed that April 2017’s new season will be his last - recently spilled all the heroic secrets behind the Doctor's foray into the world of comic books.

You can watch The Return of Doctor Mysterio on December 25, 2016, on BBC. 

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