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The Biggest Damned Superhero Movie Vote Of All Time

VOTE NOW! We need your help choosing the 50 best superhero films ever

When SFX does a poll, SFX does a serious poll! This time we want you to tell us your favourite superhero movies of all time, following The Summer Of Superheroes ( Thor , Caprtain America , Green Lantern , X-Men: First Class ). And we mean superhero movies, not comic book movies, so no V For Vendetta or Sin City . On the other hand, superhero movies don’t have to be comics based, so The Incredibles or Condorman make the cut. Admittedly, there will some grey areas (is Blade a superhero? It’s open to argument) but we can live with that if you can.

We’ve listed a whole bunch of films below, but just in case we’ve missed one of your favourites, we’ve also left a free-vote area you can fill in too.

NOTE: You can vote for up to FIVE movies.

NOTE 2: TV shows are not included, and nor are TV movies

NOTE 3: For Whedon fans and Doctor Who fans who feel the need to vote for anything Whedon or Who related – be honest, the Buffy film and the ’60s Who films don’t count… and the Buffy film is rubbish anyway.

NOTE 4: Be quick about it! This poll closes this coming Sunday, so Tweet and Facebook this like mad, please! WE want as many votes as possible!