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Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is provoking some heated reactions: "Do y'all even read?"

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition is basically one big do-over for dedicated fans and new players alike. Capcom revealed the new version of Street Fighter 5 today, promising fixes for many of the game's most-bemoaned oversights (namely, the eponymous addition of an actual Arcade Mode).

For new players, Arcade Edition will be the easy all-in package that Street Fighter 5 has desperately needed. It includes all of the characters from the base game and both DLC seasons. It also introduces a second V-Trigger for all characters. Owners of the current game won't be left out; they'll receive access to all of Arcade Edition's new stuff via a free update. Existing content will stay the same, though, so they won't suddenly get all the DLC characters for free.

Capcom originally said it wouldn't do the upgrade routine for Street Fighter 5, the old song and dance that resulted in no less than four separate versions of Street Fighter 4 hitting store shelves. On the one hand, Arcade Edition clearly goes against the letter of that decree. But it doesn't really violate the spirit of it since owners of Street Fighter 5 Regular Edition won't need to pay extra to get the pertinent material. I wasn't really sure how folks would react to the news, so I did a quick trawl of Twitter and found some common themes...

Some players are hyped for a fresh start

Others think it's kinda asinine

And everybody wants a normal-looking Ken

Street Fighter 5 has had a rough time ever since it came out, so here's hoping that Arcade Edition can manage to both placate the veterans and draw in some healthy new competition.

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