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Sports Champions Cheats

Sports Champions Unlockables

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    Sports Champions trophies

    Trophy list

    Living Legend (Platinum)
    Congratulations! You are a true CHAMPION.

    I Can Throw A Disc (Bronze)
    Win a Disc Golf match in any mode.

    Ace! (Bronze)
    Get a hole-in-one in Disc Golf.

    My Aim Is True (Bronze)
    Get a score of 5000 or better in Disc Golf Challenge Mode.

    Fore! (Bronze)
    Toss 20 discs close enough to an opponent in Disc Gold to make them get out of the way in Champions Cup.

    All Too Easy... (Silver)
    Shoot a score of -10 or better over the full 18 hole course in Disc Golf.

    I Hit Someone (Bronze)
    Win a Gladiator Duel match in any mode.

    King Of The Ring (Bronze)
    Win 30 matches in Gladiator Duel by knocking your opponent out of the ring in Champions Cup.

    Man Or Machine? (Bronze)
    Get a score of 15,000 or better in Gladiator Duel Challenge Mode.

    Super Parry! (Bronze)
    Successfully parry (block using JUST your weapon) a 'Super Strike' attempt againt all 10 opponents in Gladiator Duel playing in Champions Cup.

    Super Striker! (Silver)
    Complete 50 'Super Strikes' in Gladiator Duel playing in Champions Cup.

    I Can Aim (Bronze)
    Win an Archery match in any mode.

    Hat Trick! (Bronze)
    Score 3 bull's-eyes in a row on floating Archery targets.

    Sharpshooter! (Bronze)
    Get a score of 15,000 or better in any Archery Challenge Mode.

    The Splits (Bronze)
    Split three arrows in a row in any Archery mode.

    Bull's Eye! (Silver)
    Get 100 bull's-eyes in Archery playing in Champions Cup.

    Over The Net (Bronze)
    Win a Beach Volleyball match in any mode.

    Shutout! (Bronze)
    Win a match in Beach Volleyball without allowing your opponent to score a single point (any mode, any number of sets, and a minimum of 11 points per set).

    Beach King (Bronze)
    Get a score of 20,000 or better in Beach Volleyball Challenge Mode.

    High Five, Low Five (Bronze)
    Win a multiplayer cooperative game in Beach Volleyball.

    Defensive Specialist! (Silver)
    Make 50 diving digs and 100 blocks in Beach Volleyball playing in Champions Cup.

    I Have Heard Of Bocce (Bronze)
    Win a Bocce match in any mode.

    Sweep! (Bronze)
    Sweep a frame by scoring a point on every ball your threw in one round of Bocce.

    Bombs Away! (Bronze)
    Get a score of 15,000 or better in Bocce Challenge Mode.

    Outta My Way! (Silver)
    Hit 30 opponent balls out of the way to claim the inside position (aka 'Super Shots') in Champions Cup.

    Follow The Bouncing Ball (Bronze)
    Win a Table Tennis match in any mode.

    Rally Tally (Bronze)
    Get a rally of at least 25 in a Table Tennis match (AND win the point) in any mode.

    Clownin' On Robots (Bronze)
    Get a score of 15,000 or better in Table Tennis Challenge Mode.

    Speedy Edge Spinster (Bronze)
    Hit 10 blazing fast spinning shots that nick off the edge of the table playing Table Tennis in Champions Cup.

    Great Balls Of Fire! (Silver)
    Win 100 rallies in Table Tennis with Smash Winners in Champions Cup.

    Look Ma, 2 Hands! (Bronze)
    Play at 1 match of Gladator Duel, Archery, and Beach Volleyball in Champion's Cup or Free Play using two motion controllers.

    Social Gamer (Bronze)
    Play a multiplayer game in every event.

    I Can Do Better (Bronze)
    Replay a previously won Champions Cup match (any event) and improve your score.

    Bronzed Arms (Bronze)
    Win the Bronze Cup in every event.

    Silver Cups (Silver)
    Win the Silver Cup in every event.

    Stay Gold (Gold)
    Win the Gold Cup in every event.

    Owned All (Gold)
    Win a match with all 10 characters, in every event, playing any mode.

    A Star Is Born (Bronze)
    Earn 10 stars in Champions Cup.

    Shining Star (Bronze)
    Earn 150 stars in Champions Cup.

    Shooting Star! (Silver)
    Earn 300 stars in Champions Cup.

    Super Star! (Gold)
    Earn 600 stars in Champions Cup.

    Total Shutout! (Silver)
    Win a Match in every event without losing a hole (Disc Golf), round (Gladiator Duel, Archery), or point (Beach Volleyball, Bocce, Table Tennis) in Champions Cup.

    Secret Trophies

    High Roller (Bronze)
    Earn at least 500,000 points in your total score. Nigel would be proud.