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Sonic Colors Cheats

When it comes down to it, Sonic Colors is a pretty good game after all considerations. It both loves and hates the player, and this degree of love or hate depends on the type of player. Some could find its frustrations unforgiveable, while others will delight in its cornucopia of exploratory offerings.

Sonic Colors Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by S0n1cF4N

    Infinite Boost

    Infinite Boost: Collect every red special ring

  • DS | Submitted by SonicFan

    Unlock Nega-Mother Wisp

    Unlock alternate final boss Nega-Mother Wisp: Clear Terminal Velocity with all emeralds. After the credits are done go back into the game. You'll get a cutscene and the final stage will be accessible from the top of the world map.