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Metal Gear Acid 2 Cheats

Snake is back, but don't let his fluffy, forgettable story fool you; he brought a lot of game with him.

Metal Gear Acid 2 Cheats

  • PSP | Submitted by telephony & BigBoss4693


    NOJIRI- unlock the Strain card (No. 046)
    SHINTA - unlock the Gijin-san card (No. 099)
    KONAMI - unlock the Reaction Block card (No. 119)
    VIPER - unlock the Viper card (No. 161)
    MIKA - unlock the Mika Slayton card (No. 166)
    KAREN unlock the Karen Houjou card (No. 170)
    JEHUTY - unlock the Jehuty card (No. 172)
    XM8 (Also reported as XMEIGHT) - unlock the XM Eight card (No. 187)
    SIGNT - unlock the Mr. Sigint card (No. 188)
    SHRRR - to unlock the Sea Harrier card (No. 197)
    DCY - unlock the Decoy Octopus card (No. 203)
    MCCY - unlock the Roger McCoy card (No. 212)
    HNMT - unlock the Reiko Hinomoto card (No. 281)
    AYM - unlock the Kinoshita Ayumi card (No. 285)
    MGR - unlock the Ishii Meguru card (No. 286).
    NTM - unlock the Natsume Sano card (No. 287)
    NEXTGEN - unlock the MGS4 card (No. 288)
    SONOFSULLY - unlock the Jack card (No. 291)
    SNAKE - unlock the Solid Snake MGS4 card (No. 294)
    OTACON - unlock the Otacon MGS4 card (No. 295)
    MK2 - unlock the Metal Gear MK. II MGS4 card
    RONALDSIU - unlock the Banana Peel card
    GINORMOUSJ - unlock the Emma's Parrot card
    GEKKO - unlock the Gekko
    SMOKING - unlock the No Smoking card
    THESPANIARD - unlock the Possessed Arm card
    TOBIDACID - unlock the Solid Eye card.

Metal Gear Acid 2 Unlockables

  • PSP | Submitted by Reedy Twill

    Unlock Mika Slayton

    Enter mika in the Password menu.

  • PSP | Submitted by telephony

    Unlockable Cards

    E-Z Gun Card - Beat six levels in Arena Mode on Easy.
    Stealth Camo Card - Beat six levels in Arena Mode on Normal.
    G36C Card - Beat six levels in Arena Mode on Extreme.
    Metal Gear RAY - Beat campain mode twice.
    MGS4 - Beat game on Easy.
    Metal Gear Rex - Beat game on Normal.
    Running Man Card - Complete six Arena rounds on Hard difficulty.