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Illusive Man's origins to be revealed in new Mass Effect comic mini-series

Mass Effect's Illusive Man is about to be exposed. Bioware has penned a newdeal with Dark Horse Comics to shed light on the enigmatic powerbroker's shady past in a brand new, 4-part comic book miniseries entitled Mass Effect Evolutions.

The comics (aka 'graphic novels for adult enthusiasts'), will tell the tale mankind's first brush with intergalactic conflict, and the Illusive Man's role within the ensuing wars. Judging by the covers andBioWare's 7-page preview, readers will get to see how the universe's richest chain smoker got his glowing eyes and maybe even a glimpse at how his past will figure in to the events in Mass Effect 3.

Above: 1st issue covers by Massimo Carnivale (left) and Joe Quinones (right)

Mass Effect Evolution is written by Mass Effect 2 %26amp; 3's Lead Writer Mac Walters along with John Jackson Miller, the author of Dark Horse's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series. They are joined by artist Omar Francia, whose previous work on other Star Wars properties can be seen at hispersonal blog.

The first of four issues is available January 19th and can be ordered in digital form at theDark Horse Comics website.

Jan 5, 2011

[Source:Bioware Blog]