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Fans behind canceled Resident Evil 2 remake show off their next project, and it looks familiar

The fans responsible for that lovely-but-canceled unofficial Resident Evil 2 remake have returned with a successor no less proud of its classic inspiration. Invader Games ceased work on Resident Evil 2 Reborn after Capcom announced it would create an official Resident Evil 2 (the project was enough to earn the fans a visit to the studio, at least) but recently re-emerged with Daymare: 1998. You can see an early version of it in action above.

With its direct connection to Resident Evil 2 severed, more inspiration from other games in the definitive zombie survival series has started to bleed in. That includes a Nemesis-like immortal enemy… if you could sort of scooch past Nemesis in the hallway without him shooting a tentacle through your chest. Like I said, this is just an early version: the developers (now Invader Studios) are planning a Kickstarter campaign in early 2017 to fund further development.

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Connor Sheridan
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