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Doctor Who "The Rebel Flesh" Overnight Ratings

Overnight ratings holding steady

Although overnight ratings now seem pretty meaningless in the face of the fact that Doctor Who is now officially the most time-shifted show in UK TV history, the hits we get on these overnights articles every Sunday prove that people are still interested. Which may sound suspiciously like a way of preparing you for bad news, but it isn’t.

“The Rebel Flesh” held pretty steady from last week, pulling in 5.7 million “live” viewers (down just 200,000), with a 29% audience share. Once again, it was second for the night after Britain’s Got Talent , and over a million ahead of the third-placed show, Casualty . And it did massively better than the two parts of So You Think You Can Avoid Cancellation ? which were shown before and after Who , which got 2.6 million and 2.9 million viewers.