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Doctor Who: Arthur And Karen Mime Some Spoilers

Will you be able to spot where they come in the final six episodes of Doctor Who series 6.2?

[VAMS id="XK15rJ47Y6sj3"]

Blimey, we were having technical problems last night at the London BFI screening of Doctor Who ’s “Let’s Kill Hitler” (the episode was absolutely mad bonkers in the best way – our spoiler free review will be up soon). Two cameras we took along. Both wouldn’t play nicely. One was recording lovely, nice bright images (see the top two pics below for proof – thery’re screengrabs from the setting-up footage we did get) but conked out just before the interview began. The other one looked great through the viewfinder, but decided to record the whole thing like we were in the middle of a World War 2 black out. So, sorry for the quality, but it’s still a fun little snippet for you, we hope.