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Chicken Run Cheats

Chicken Run Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by richard wilson


    At the password screen, press Down the indicated number of times to change each of the four medals.
    Medal 1 - 6 times
    Medal 2 - 0 times
    Medal 3 - 4 times
    Medal 4 - 2 times
    Level skip:
    Pause, then press Select to skip the level
    Medal 1 - 4 times
    Medal 2 - 2 times
    Medal 3 - 0 times
    Medal 4 - 3 times
    Unlimited Time:
    Medal 1 - 7 times
    Medal 2 - 4 times
    Medal 3 - 1 time
    Medal 4 - 6 times

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get to Level 5 No Problem

    Level 1:Bronze, Cross, Crown, Bravery
    LEVEL 2:Diamond, Bravery, Honor, Bronze
    LEVEL 3:Cross, Bravery, Bronze, Bronze
    LEVEL 4:Crown, Diamond, Crown, Honor

  • GBA | Submitted by richard wilson

    Level Cheat

    cheat to get to the:
    2 Bronze, cross, crown, bravery
    3 diamond, bravery, honor, bronze
    4 cross, bravery, bronze, bronze
    5 honor, crown, diamond, crown
    6 valor, diamond, cross, silver
    7 honor, valor, cross, bronze
    8 diamond, silver, cross, crown
    9 honor, valor, bravery, diamond
    10 bronze, bravery, cross, Bravery
    11.Silver, cross, silver, diamond
    12.Bravery, diamond, cross, valor
    13.Silver, cross, bravery, bravery
    14.Valor, crown, valor, valor
    15.Bronze, crown, cross, honor
    16.Valor, silver, bravery, bravery
    17.Bronze, silver, valor, diamond
    18.Crown, valor, diamond, silver
    19.Cross, silver, silver, crown
    20.Silver, diamond, valor, bravery
    21.Crown, valor, cross, silver
    22.Honor, cross, crown, cross
    23.Crown, silver, cross, honor
    24.Honor, diamond, valor, diamond
    If you do not no what medals there are look in the booklet.

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by Ben

    No Dogs

    Throw 150 Sprouts At Mr tweety and then throw 10 at the dogs

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Level Skip

    Put in the code werreuiy

  • Dreamcast | Submitted by anonymous

    How to beat the pie machine

    First you go into the room left of the barn. You need a small key to get there, so head back to the stable and kick the donkey for the key. then go into the room and shoot the machine in the pie with an egg 451 times and then it will run around and you can kill it!!!