Burnout 5 unleashes first images

Criterion has finally unveiled the first incredible screens for its next-gen Burnout sequel, Burnout 5, giving us a glimpse at the riotous racer's crash technology, world map and typically beefy-looking vehicles. Hit the Images tab this second to treat your eyes to the wonder show.

The overhead map shows a cityscape spanning a huge environment that swoops over mountains, coastal roads and city streets in an impressively freeform style, while the crash slideshows give a delicious snapshot of a car coming to pieces and the vehicle shots are just really, really nice to look at.

Above: There areexciting shades of The French Connection's thrilling chase scenes in this crisp image

So far, we've only had developer Criterion telling us about Burnout 5's incredible physics and detailed car "skeletons" that enable the next-gen sequel's crashes to be horrifically realistic. But with these first images now bursting our retinas with gameplay possibilities, expect to hear far more concrete details in the near future.

January 5, 2007