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Black Ops 2 demoed on Jimmy Fallon, shows sandbox missions

Apparently the folks at Activision and NBC still haven't learned the lesson that most gamers figured out when they were twelve years old: video games aren't fun to watch. So the audience at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon had to sit through a rather awkward (but still informative if you know anything about Blops 2.)

Gaze in horror as Jimmy Fallon pretends to know what's going on, and then tries in vain to pilot an aerial drone on-stage.

Pretty horrendous, right? It's all the boredom of not being able to actually play the game, mixed with the gut-wrenching frustration of watching someone fumble the controls. Nevertheless, it is a good look at Black Ops 2, and we definitely salute Fallon/NBC for including big game launches on their program. We just wish they'd go with a trailer next time.