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5 new Call of Duty: Black Ops screens, for the delight of your eyes

Aaaand the Call of Duty: Black Ops media deluge continues. Yesterday we brought you ournone-more-detailed breakdownof all the hidden information in the new trailer, and today Treyarch's upcoming Cold War CoD is once again present in the form of five new screens.

They look to be based around the characters and locations seen in yesterday's trailer, and are well worth checking out for a better, glossier, high res look at just how cool Black Ops is shaping up to be. What do you reckon? Was Meiks right all along about Treyarch's latent levels of awesome? Could the balance of power between they and Infinity ward be shifting with Black Ops?


Above: It looks like somewhat less covert street fighting will make a showing

Above: Don't get excited. A 'tascheand gun donot Captain Price make

Above: Wheeeee! More of the base-jumping from yesterday

Above: If this pic was any more 'Nam, it'd be freaking out and having a flashback

So what do you reckon to the pics? And to Black Ops in general? As ever, let us know in the comments, or via our online encampments atFacebookandTwitter.

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