Turbo Golf Racing confirms an August release date and second beta at the Future Games Show

Turbo Golf Racing promises competitive motorized mayhem for up to eight players, and the Future Games Show Powered by Mana has exclusively announced when it will be hitting early access on PC and Xbox, as well as the launch of Beta 2.

Although its appearance will draw natural comparisons to Rocket League, the moment you start driving (in both a vehicular and golfing sense) you'll discover a very different proposition is at hand. If you want to emerge victorious, you must be fast enough to stay ahead of your rivals in the race, while also maintaining the required accuracy to hit the targets and get your ball in the hole first.

As you bash your oversized golf ball down the course you'll encounter boost pads to provide a burst of speed, as well as floating portals to fling your ball in the right direction. Pay attention to your surroundings, as along the way you can discover shortcuts and secret tunnels to get a sneaky advantage over your rivals.

There are plenty of other ways to take your opponents down a peg or two, with collectible power-up weapons such as missiles to grab and fire at them. You can also equip Power Cores that modify your car and unlock special abilities like the Ground Stomp or Roll, adding more offensive options to your arsenal.

With 30 different levels to master and over 100 unlockable items to discover including a selection new balls, along with chassis, wheels, paint, plus a whole lot more to customize the appearance and performance your racer, there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back for another round.

Turbo Golf Racing tees off across PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Game Pass in early access on August 4, 2022. There's also a second beta happening right now, from June 11 until June 20, which you can sign up for via the official website.

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Iain Wilson
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