Trivial Pursuit Cheats

Trivial Pursuit Unlockables

  • PS3 | Submitted by Jungo


    1st Class Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward) - Reached level 60
    Adahna Slayer (Title), Sleep / Resist (Reward) - Defeated 5 Adahna Degahnas
    Alteraz Slayer (Title), Confuse / Resist (Reward) - Defeated 5 Alterazgohgs
    AMF Elite Unit (Title), Mayalee Hit (Reward) - Cleared Chapter 7 in story mode
    Angry Soldier (Title), Gravity Strike (Reward) - Reached Hunter level 5
    Annihilator (Title), Berdysh (Reward) - Maximum damage exeeded 1800
    Armed Servant (Title), Reverser (Reward) - Cleared Chapter 6 in story mode
    Axe Collector (Title), Ank Buti (Reward) - Collected 80% of all axes
    Berserker (Title), Lollipop (Reward) - Maximum damage exeeded 600
    Bil De Golus Slayer (Title), Cati / Anti Down (Reward) - Defeated 5 Bil De Goluses
    Bullet Master (Title), Mayalee Fury (Reward) - Raised 10 bullets to level 30
    Card Collector (Title), Kaza-kikami (Reward) - Collected 80% of all cards
    Claw Collector (Title), Ohga-Misaki (Reward) - Collected 80% of all claws
    Colony Tourist (Title), Tero / All Save (Reward) - Completed all G. Colony free missions
    Combat Master (Title), Amore Rose (Reward) - Cleared free missions 3 times
    Cooking Fighter (Title), Juicy Line (Reward) - Obtained a grilling weapon (use 10 upgrade grinders on a beef weapon without failing)
    Creature Master (Title), Magana Slayer (Reward) - Defeat all creatures
    Crossbow Collector (Title), Cubo Simba (Reward) - Collected 80% of all crossbows
    Crushe (Title)r, Final Impact (Reward) - Maximum damage exeeded 300
    D. Saber Collector (Title), Ragan-Ragan (Reward) - Collected 80% of all double saber
    Dagger Collector (Title), Deraga-zashi (Reward) - Collected 80% of all daggers
    De Ragan Slayer (Title), Burn / Resist (Reward) - Defeated 5 De Ragan s
    De Ragnus Slayer (Title), Solid / Anti Up (Reward) - Defeated 5 De Ragnuses
    De Rol Le Slayer (Title), Freeze / Resist (Reward) - Defeated 5 De Rol Les
    Dimmagolus Slayer (Title), Shock / Resist (Reward) - Defeated 5 Dimmagoluses
    Elite Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward) - Reached level 80
    Eternal Traveler (Title), Absolute Dance (Reward) - Cleared Chapter 8 in story mode
    Explosive Maestro (Title), Ikk Hikk (Reward) - Reached Protranser level 10
    Fakis 1st Slayer (Title), Poison / Resist (Reward) - Defeated Dulk Fakis (1st phase) 5 times
    Fakis 1st Slayer (Title), Virus / Resist (Reward) - Defeated Dulk Fakis (2nd phase) 5 times
    Flying Berzerker (Title), Dus Majarra (Reward) - Reached Fighmaster level 5
    Grenade Collector (Title), Gur Hanab (Reward) - Collected 80% of all grenades
    Guardian Hero (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward) - Reached level 90
    Guardian Instructor (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward) - Reached level 70
    Guardian Officer (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward) - Reached level 40
    Handgun Collector (Title), De Ragun (Reward) - Collected 80% of all handguns
    Hurricane Striker (Title), Chikki Kyoren-jin (Reward) - Reached Acromaster level 5
    I Willing Martyr (Title), Okikudohg (Reward) - Became incapacitated 100 times
    Intel Section (Title), Cross Hurricane (Reward) - Cleared Chapter 2 in story mode
    Knuckle Collector (Title), Gudda Igga (Reward) - Collected 80% of all knuckles
    Lasers Collector (Title), Love Inferno (Reward) - Collected 80% of all lasers
    Light Speed Killer (Title), Chuei Jitotsushin (Reward) - Reached Acromaster level 10
    Lone Sniper (Title), Boma Maga (Reward) - Reached Ranger level 10
    Longbow Collector (Title), Nasuyoteri (Reward) - Collected 80% of all longbows
    M. Gun Collector (Title), Deathrain (Reward) - Collected 80% of all machineguns
    Maggahnas Slayer (Title), Stun / Resist (Reward) - Defeated 5 Magas Maggahnases
    Magnificent Gunner (Title), Twin Penetration (Reward) - Reached Gunmaster level 5
    Mega Destroyer (Title), Anga Jabroga (Reward) - Reached FIghmaster level 10
    Meseta Tycoon (Title), Meseta Fury (Reward) - Total Meseta reached 1000000
    Moatoob Tourist (Title), Solid / TECH Save (Reward) - Completed all Moatoob free missions
    Mobile Defense (Title), Resta (Reward) - Cleared Chapter 1 in story mode
    Neudaiz Tourist (Title), Cati / TECH Save (Reward) - Completed all Neudaiz free missions
    Not the Only Hero (Title), Rappy Suit (Reward) - Played co-op multiplayer mode
    One to Watch (Title), Ank Bico (Reward) - Cleared free missions 25 times
    Onmagoug Slayer (Title), Silence / Resist (Reward) - Defeated 5 Onmagougs
    Parum Tourist (Title), Solid / Bullet Save (Reward) - Completed all Parum free missions
    Photon Protector (Title), Rentis (Reward) - Reached Masterforce level 10
    Photon Wizard (Title), Giresta (Reward) - Reached Force level 10
    PS Perfec (Title)t, Hyakka Ryo-ran (Reward) - Collected all titles
    Quiet Hunter (Title), Penetrating Hit (Reward) - Reached Ranger level 5
    R&D Section (Title), Masei-sou (Reward) - Cleared Chapter 4 in story mode
    R. Mag Collector (Title), Elsral (Reward) - Collected 80% of all ranged mags
    Rifle Collecto (Title)r, Killer Elite (Reward) - Collected 80% of all rifles
    Rod Collector (Title), Okarod (Reward) - Collected 80% of all rods
    Rogue Family (Title), Bukuu Saien-zan (Reward) - Cleared Chapter 5 in story mode
    Rookie Guardian (Title), Goggles (Reward) - Reached level 1
    Saber Collector (Title), Apocalypse (Reward) - Collected 80% of all sabers
    SEED Intel Section (Title), Spiral Dance (Reward) - Cleared Chapter 3 in story mode
    Shining Mage (Title), Regrant (Reward) - Reached Force level 5
    Shotgun Collector (Title), Shigga Pakuda (Reward) - Collected 80% of all shotguns
    Skill Master (Title), Gravity Break (Reward) - Raised 10 skills to level 30
    Slicer Collector (Title), Asura-hiken (Reward) - Collected 80% of all slicers
    Solid Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward) - Reached level 30
    Spear Collector (Title), Mugunburga (Reward) - Collected 80% of all spears
    Spirit Sorceror (Title), Dizas (Reward) - Reached Masterforce level 5
    Stealthy Tactition (Title), Mayalee Prism (Reward) - Reached Protranser level 5
    Super Ace (Title), Din De Bel (Reward) - Defeated 500 creatures
    Super Elite (Title), Sacred Dusters (Reward) - Defeated 1000 creatures
    Super Hero (Title), Bringer Rifle (Reward) - Defeated 10000 creatures
    Super Rookie (Title), Laser Pannon (Reward) - Defeated 100 creatures
    Superior Guardian (Title), Aura Field (Reward) - Reached level 50
    Supreme Assassin (Title), Killer Shot (Reward) - Reached Gunmaster level 10
    Sword Collector (Title), De Ragan Slayer (Reward) - Collected 80% of all swords
    T. Claw Collector (Title), Shide-Misaki (Reward) - Collected 80% of alltwin claws
    T. Dagger Collector (Title), Tamagiri-zashi (Reward) - Collected 80% of all twin daggers
    T. Saber Collector (Title), Tyrant Spada (Reward) - Collected 80% of all twin sabers
    T.H. Gun Collector (Title), Battlestopper (Reward) - Collected 80% of all twin handguns
    TECH mag Collector (Title), Delpi (Reward) - Collected 80% of all TECHNIC mags
    TECHNIC Master (Title), Megistar (Reward) - Raised 10 TECHNICs to level 30
    Title Collector (Title), Opa Opa (Reward) - Collected 30 titles
    Top Contender (Title), Dallgunrod (Reward) - Cleared free missions 50 times
    Ultimate Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward) - Reached level 100
    Ultimate Warrior (Title), Robopitch Grenade (Reward) - Cleared free missions 100 times
    Up and Coming (Title), Samba Maracas (Reward) - Cleared free missions 10 times
    Wand Collector (Title), Bajura (Reward) - Collected 80% of all wands
    Whip Collector (Title), Vish Diraga (Reward) - Collected 80% of all whips
    Whirling Slicer (Title), Tornado Dance (Reward) - Reached Hunter level 10
    Young Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward) - Reached level 10
    Zealous Guardian (Title), 10 Grinders (Reward) - Reached level 20
    Zoal Goug Slayer (Title), Cati / Rainbow (Reward) - Defeated 5 Zoal Gougs