Tribes 2 Cheats

Tribes 2 Hints

  • PC | Submitted by cool gamer

    Tips on Minotaur

    Beware, you must have good aim for this trick! To get a few good kills on level Minotaur, do the following: Turn into Juggarnaut (any type) with station pack, go up onto very top of base building and deploy it. Then change to energy pack and the following weapons:Laser Rifle,spinfusor,fusion mortar( the other 2 are up to you). Then go to an inventory station (not the deployed 1). When you are re-powered, go back to top of the base building, take out the laser rifle and look around for someone running on a mountain or flying around fighting etc. Good Luck!

  • PC | Submitted by demarf, revmod2 player

    Hint for Titan, the map, on revmod2, ctf

    On the Houston vehiclesrevmod2ctf server when threes a titan map, switch 2 an light with a satchel charge pack. (weapons optional) then, boost over 2 the enemies flag. there will b a building there. go in it and throw the satchel charge down the chute to were the flag is. if there is any blast walls/force fields this hint wont work. al u have 2 do is make sure the charge gets inside the flag room. then, being careful not to get killed, get out of the building. once u r out side rocket boost away and wait till the satchel charge is armed. then detonate, and you've probably getting your selves 2 or more good kills if u do it right

  • PC | Submitted by Charlie

    Brilliant Sniping Tip

    To be a really good sniper i.e. get loads of kills, use the humble blaster. Aim using the 'a' key ang then let loose a volley of about 15 shots on a steady target. I have used thins many times and it works really well.

  • PC | Submitted by Kiddcobra

    Sniper's Post

    This is a hint. What you do is you get in Assault armor, then give yourself a inventory pack. Deploy the pack at a suitable location. (such as a hill or tower near an enemy base) Then change your pack to a land spike turret, and rearm at the deployable station. Deploy turrets around your outpost for defense. Deploy sensors to for added assault and defensive capabilities. After this is done, go to a stationary inventory station and go into scout armor and equip your laser rifle. go to your post and have snipe away.
    PS. Always equip a close range weapon incase you are attacked and your turrets aren't effective enough.

  • PC | Submitted by Brad

    Easy Kills

    There are easy ways to kill people with a Spider Clamp Turret and there are good hiding places for them and I will tell you the hiding places for them on Tombstone.

    . Behind your flag in the flag room so you can't see it.
    .above the main doorway for your main base, and cameras in the hall for the doorway.
    .And behind the brick supports for your main base.
    It will be hard for them to find it.

  • PC | Submitted by Steve

    Flag Defence

    Simply place a satchel near (or under) your flag and watch it from a safe distance (preferably out of enemy sites) and detonate the satchel when someone (on the other team -duh!!-) gets near it. The timing is kinda tricky, but it works. Really, it works.

  • PC | Submitted by Mike

    Lots of Points

    It's more of a hint instead of a cheat but if you want to get alot of points in the game go and repair the enemy generator (but not all the way) and then blow it up and keep doing that, have fun

  • PC | Submitted by Kasadys

    Satchel Mine

    Place a satchel where ever you want it then Shoot it with a plasma gun or spin fuser then place a mine on top of the satchel and BOOM!. Note this works pretty well when placing it on yours or your opponents flags.

Tribes 2 Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Jeff Craddock

    999 Ammo

    Press ~ to display the debug menu, type $testcheats=1; Then, open the debug menu again and type giveall(); to get all weapons with 999 ammo