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    Submitted by Mark Smith

Trespasser Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Level Select

    You can jump to any level by hitting CTRL + SHIFT + Q + W and then releasing W

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Some Cheats

    To activate these codes press Ctrl-F11. In the lower bottom corner you will see a cursor. Type in one of the codes below and press ENTER. When finished press Ctrl-F11 again.

    * tnext -- transports you through important locations on the level
    * loc -- displays your coordinates on the world map, marking a spot for later
    * bones -- draws bounding volumes for all physical objects
    * gore 2 -- more blood
    * woo -- unlimited ammo
    * invul - Invincibility
    * Bionic Woman -- slow motion
    * Win -- plays end sequence
    * Dinos -- makes all dinos freeze in place
    * ftb , btb, imouse, tele -- Unknown

  • PC | Submitted by Christian Wichrowski (

    More Gore

    Input this for optinal blood in your game!
    (1. hold ctrl and then F10.
    (2. then input the cheat and press Ctrl and F10 together.

Trespasser Hints

  • PC | Submitted by Paranoia

    Secret Level

    On the level where you have to find a bunch of key cards in a town with a church, hammonds house, a bunch of a half way built houses, and two buses, there is a way to get access to a secret level. to do this, go to the bottom of the steps in front of the visitors center. at the bottom, turn right 90 degrees. you should see a barricaded gate about 75 yards away a little to your left. go towards it. when you reach it, walk into it, jumping, until you get on top of it. a very good idea would be to save before you attempt this because you can get stuck on the other side of the gate. it happened to me. when you are on top, look right, and go along that wall towards hammonds house and the church. there will be a few niches. go to the second one (or first, one of the two) and walk back and forth over it a few times. if done right, I cant give you any better of a description because it happened to me by accident, if done it more than once though, a new level will load. on this level, there will be about all the guns, an infinite amount of raptors (shoot sign that says raptors to spawn a new one), gold bars, and places that make you say something.

  • PC | Submitted by buggy

    Hidden Raptor

    On the 2nd level as soon as u start look right and you will find a gun cabinet with a gun inside or next 2. grab it , and head around the corner of the wall and walk along side it. eventually u will c a raptor and he will attack u if your not careful so watch out.

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Find a Gun

    In the second board where you have pile a box up to get over the cliff do the following. Pick up the smallest rock possible. Try to throw it to knock down the box farthest left. if you hit it just right you should have knocked down a Bannell1 M1 Super 90.